Episode #1

can we say.. JUNKIE alert..ya better hide ya purses

She smilin with her eyes. I blame Tyra.. What a fukin clown…her bra got wondrous working powers though… them shyts are lifted!

if this all I’mma see at the club (Junebug and Ray Ray) then I’d much rather stay home and scrap my feet. It’s summatime ladies..keep it sexy!

So this was at a “Black & White Elegant Affair”.. So I guess she figured she’d be a classic beauty and put her hair back in a chignon (the word cracks me up) and silver mardi gras beads. I refuse to say anything bad about her. Jesus.. the wheel..please.

Her tiddays out and his colla popped.. I grieve…

what the hell? why she got that ribbon tied up at her neck? and that flowa? I try to understand.. I really do..

When a fashion trends goes drastically WRONG..why yall think she tried to put that brown SUEDE saudi arabi tied scarf on with that dress? I blame hip hop *crackin up*

when you’re blessed enough to surpass the six month mark in ya pregnancy, boo I’mma need you to stay out the club. You should be home resting yo feet.

22 Responses to “Episode #1”

  1. HAhah @ the 6 months of pregnancy.

  2. HILARious!

  3. La Bella Noire Says:

    *call the coroner* I’m DEAD from these pictures!

  4. MrsCeeBee Says:

    I guess the black under girlfriend’s underarms went with the black and white theme too?! You won’t talk about her, but EYE WILL! LOL

  5. That first girl should be on my fat back post cuz she looks half dead with them skinny ass arms!

    I love it you have cracked me up!

  6. your commentary is better than anything i’ve read. you might have a side hustle to go with all the side-eyeing.

  7. OMG!!! That is all I am going to say..

  8. sandybaby Says:

    I think you’ve pretty much summed up my thoughts here, Durty!

  9. You are crazy-LMAO

  10. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  11. oH MY LAWD.. where did you find this shat??? hahahaaaaaa

  12. yo, ain’t that last pic Tone Loc?

  13. 2) Is giving me heat with them kneading dough elbows.

    3) Ugh.

    4) Consider your arms big a** d*cks, and wrap them the f*ck up.

    5) That bra is just two buckets. and he in track pants… SMH

    6) LMAO

    8) LMAO @ Tone Loc!!!


  15. These people should be on Dead Azz Wrong

  16. jropjgre Says:

    GET LIVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Butterflyz Says:

    For the girl with the verse tatted on her thigh: Why not just get a tat on your forehead that says: “I’m a dumbass” ?

  18. This is an awesome website!

  19. hot fuckin mess hunny o__0

  20. CAPSLOCKalien Says:

    most of yall shit aint funny its boring and lame and sounds like this, ” oh look he has a big belly” “oh look she has a tattoo of a penis” ” oh look she has armpit hairs” = lame

    how about getting a life???
    since when are u the authority on fashion does and donts???
    lets see your fugged up pictures???

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