Episode #4 – Nappy Headed Hoe Edition

Girl, fix yo hair!

Oh boy. Look at the preacher’s daughter. You can always tell when they finally get permission to get out the house – hair all blah, face just’a naked, shirt bust wide open showing her Vicky Secret *sigh*. Somebody come get this poor child out the lion’s den..she gone be face down, ass up by the end of the night.

Directing these hoes in the way they should go is tiring *shew*. [Focus on the wig….focus on the wig] but…. her pits…. are callin’ me! **FOCUS** You mean to tell me In 2008, people still buying plastic crayon colored wigs? I gotta blame Kim Lee’s Beauty and their buy one/get one free sales. They know black people love half priced hair. C-O-N-spiracy!

She looking like “What is my hair doing?” LOL! I say phone a friend or ask the audience cuz I can’t.

she obviously spent way too much time putting together this fabulous ensemble [the gold shoes put it on another level if you ask me] and was like fuk it when it came time for her crown and glory. I aint even mad I just wish she would’ve chosen something other than Man Man’s wave cap.

9 Responses to “Episode #4 – Nappy Headed Hoe Edition”

  1. TeanBean00 Says:

    *cryinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn@ Man Man’s wave cap.. woo i hate u.. im ova here cryin

  2. sandybaby Says:

    Somebody deliver preacher’s daughter from EVIL!!!!! And her eyebrows? I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Lol preacher’s daughter. Eyebrows count as hair too. Its all bad.

  4. tiltedhalo Says:

    Lawd, #3 – the excessive boobage and that anchored tank top with the shorts jacked up underneath – so not cute. The hair just ugly. Women wear tank tops?! SMH

  5. LMAO @ “she gone be face down, ass up by the end of the night”

    Why does chick in pic #2 look like she slapped some baby powder up under those pits?? —> Ewwwwww

    Not only is the hair style and facial expression on the chick in pic #3 all wrong but sooooooo is her “get up”. Ole girl is toooooooo swole up top for that shirt! [Not to mention grown ass women don’t wear tank tops to da club *SIGH*]

    SMH @ the chick in a du-rag —> It’s official…I done seent it all!!

  6. these chicks give women a bad name. I mean why?

  7. mobetta357 Says:

    This site if hilirious, i need stitches in my side right now from laughing so d**n hard!! Keep ’em comin.
    Str8 from Iraq.

  8. NOmoreEb00nics Says:

    why can’t niggers speak English? lol

  9. JigBeater Says:

    Damn, those are some ugly fucking niggers.

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