Episode #5 – Boy, You Sucha Thug Edition

In every got dayum pic, a buncha nigs either pointing at the camera or doing something retarded with their hands…

Why dudes wear shades in the club? Look at the one on the right, he has no idea what to do with his lil hands…he’s like.. lemme point..no wait…what crew am I repping?….nah I’ll just point..po thang all to pieces.

*WE INTERRUPT THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM…* Look at Fat-Fat in the background looking all delicious in her Erica Kane glasses..I see you!

Look at sexiness personified! WIPE.HIM.DOWN! Any albino man willing to wear pastels is a winner in my book! He keeping it real gangsta though with the ill-fitted cap, cz encrusted star earring, and mother of pearl cufflinks.

He standing next to another dude and he holding his dick and his chain. I see why women go gay.

I honestly don’t even know what to say. This is what’s at the club??? A bunch of bamma azz’s signing “peace” and a sideways “OK” all night. I refuse.

I wonda what they repping? I blame the R.O.C for this shyt cuz why else would they think to do this? Homie in the pink need a bra, you can’t have yo tiddays out all whicha way..I’m just sayin…

3 fists and I love you. Typical angry black man.

16 Responses to “Episode #5 – Boy, You Sucha Thug Edition”

  1. TeanBean00 Says:

    *TEARSSSS* omg i cant stand u

  2. LMAO @ 3 the hard way in the last pic..oh wait its 4 WHATEVER HA!!

    LMAO @ CZ studs YOU ARE CRAZY!!! But the pastel comment is real talk…he know he dead wrong but he like fugg it!

  3. Lawd I see now why I am willing to settle because if this is whats in the club, I will either be single, settling or gay.

  4. I am weak at the albino dude, bless his heart, he trying to be fly. the fat-fat is just hungry.. give her some friend chicken dm!



  5. sandybaby Says:


    You know I did not even notice her until you mentioned it!!!!!

  6. babybear1170 Says:

    mother of pearl cufflings….*TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  7. I really do wonder how chicks meet their baby daddy in the club. Cuz this right here? Wrong. I do not envy the single. and ima need Mr albino to wear purple next time he’s feelin pimpish.

  8. I see why sisters are crossing over to YT. If this is the pool of available black men; we either have to cross over or kill ourselves.

  9. I just can’t today.

  10. tiltedhalo Says:

    Thanking the good Lord I’m married. I just can’t imagine having to be out there searching for Mr. Right amongst all those Mr. Wrongs.

  11. LMMAO…you are not right

  12. durtymo Says:

    TB – LOL! Whatev!

    ROYCEE – He is too CLEAN for me!

    TAM – LOL @ dem options….single, settling or gay! *dead*

    TASH – LOL! Bless his albino heart!

    SB – How could you have missed her???

    BB – Yune know NATHAN bout that there! That’s when you know you sharp!

    JOY – LOL@ u sayin you gone need dude to do something different. That is hilarious to me cuz I stay saying “I’mma need you to….”

    GT – You dramatic!! LOL@ go yt or kill ourselves..own see it.. kill myself.. Umm nope! But I feel you though!

    Caress – LOL! Me either.. not today…not….to…day….

    Halo – That’s what I’m tryna tell you. This is strictly a public service announcement. If you got a semi decent dude you betta hold on tite cuz aint shyt out there!

    Mis – LOL! I tell it like i see it…..

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A FOOL is what you are!!! lol

    The pastel albino tho??? I ADORE HIM.

    Did you ever see the early rounds of AI where they exploit the mentally ill who think they can sing and wanna be famous? I will never ever ever forget the two white dudes (and one looked like an alien a lil bit) was on GMA and they was waving their fake.gang.sign.thug.peace.sign.hand.gesture thingy like it was mandatory. I LOVE it.

    Anything beyond the tradition Photo Peace Sign is gay.


  15. funny coz dis guys prob be yo frends too..

  16. I Know The Sexy Albino!! .. He Goes To My University , Oooh Yes You Should See Him In Person!! , Can You Say “Mmm-Mmm Good.?!”

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