Episode #6 – Swole Edition

Ain’t nothing wrong with having a few extra pounds. More bounce to the ounce [yay!] Everybody ain’t ‘spose to be a size 2, hell I’m a bbw from the waist down so I feel your pain. However, must you be big AND look a mess? Come on people, we gots to do better.

Dear Lord. I’m wondering why bright pink and white were the first colors she thought to wear. *sigh* You can’t see nare [read: not a one] muscle, vein, bone, nothing in her arm. And to spice up her lil outfit she decided to throw on blue eye shadow and plastic pink clutch bag. I’m sad.

See people play to much. I’m tryna figure out if the corset [and I use this term loosely cuz she ain’t corset’n nothing] is attached to the shirt or what? Rainbow, Dots, and Simply Fashion need to quit it with the big girl clothes. And it’s not helping that her hair is raggedy.

I HATE them mu-mu type shirts and if you got tiddays like hers it’s definitely not a good look. Lil momma in the yellow looks nice although she look like she seconds from passing out. Holding yo breath to look cute is not what’s up. Fuk around and have a collapsed lung tryna be presentable in a photo. I can’t.

Wooo Jesus. My heart goes out to her cuz I know what it’s like to look down and not be able to find yo knees. But for the love of Christ, please stick to pants. There is a balm in Gilead.

Tragic and she has such a pretty face. *sidenote* why do people always say that bout big girls? Ohhhh she got a pretty face… like that’s something *end sidenote* What is the purpose of the khaki shirt/coat/whateva and the belt?  That got dayum button holding on for dear life, it ain’t gone keep much longer.  9-1-1 we got a possible suicide…

Another victim of “where are my knees?”  But she clean though. Look at the lil belt she decided to add to her ensemble.  She should be in magazines.

12 Responses to “Episode #6 – Swole Edition”

  1. TeanBean00 Says:

    *passed out* u said 9-1-1 we got a possible suicide.. *tearssss*

    ”she should be in magazines” *cryin* i am so done !

  2. babybear1170 Says:

    There is a balm in Gilead…………*TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  3. MrsCeeBee Says:

    LMFAO @ there is a balm in gilead
    You are dumb, dumb, dumb! Keep this stuff coming!

  4. Leave girl #2 alone, you know she got a press and its hot in there. Her ‘do never had a chance. Balm in gilead? Dead. You can’t see a muscle on #1 but those pants are holding on to erry lump.

  5. yea i love this blog!! HAHAAHAHA

  6. durtymo Says:

    TB – Them buttons need rescuinggg LMBAO!!!

    BB – Her knees need prayer ..I’m sorry

    CB – I plan on it! Shoot I be crackin up writing this crap! It’s like people are getting worse and worse!

    Joy – Let me find out… I might ask you to be a co-author cuz you are funny as hell!

    X – Welcome..step into the light LOL!

  7. that corsette… hands down is the worst one

  8. “Wooo Jesus. My heart goes out to her cuz I know what it’s like to look down and not be able to find yo knees. But for the love of Christ, please stick to pants. There is a balm in Gilead.”

    …Really Mo?!?! LMAO, I am so done with you…I don’t even know why I came here today…

  9. kill me now! I am speechless about not being able to see your knees!

  10. tiltedhalo Says:

    Is the gal in pic #1 the sister to the gal in pic #3 (in the tent)? You sho is ugly!!!! LMAO Ok, that was not nice. LOL

  11. 3rd picture.. Who wears that crap out of the house..That looks like a sirt you wear to bed or around the house to clean up in not to no club let alone out in public!!

  12. The only one I see a problem with is that last gaudy thing. Nothing wrong with the rest, body-wise or fashion-wise. The “no legs” girl is absolutely stunning!

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