Episode #8 – You Sent It!

I received this from HIM this morning. I generally like to start my Friday with a cup of coffee and the Express paper. It’s too got dayum early for this shyt. DOC I hate you.. LOL!

This is what happens when you don’t get enough oxygen to yo brain. Look at the hairy balls and the one drip of jizz. Girl, you so innovative! *blank stare* I hate everything she stands for. Seriously!

**Attention* If you have pics of random ridiculousness and you want me to post them, hit me up durtymo715@aim.com**

40 Responses to “Episode #8 – You Sent It!”

  1. Why? Why? Why?!!?!??! You can’t wear no kinda open shirt at work, even in the summer, because your nasty azz tat would be showing. Did she lose a bet? Fall asleep in a tattoo parlor? Is this the greatest achievement of her life? Its so detailed! I hate HIM too for bringing this into my life!

  2. why fo lawd did this hood rat( cause she gotsta be) put this on her chest for life? I mean obviously she has no potential of doing anything with her life.

  3. don’t hate me…hate the scallywags of the world

  4. I am ill, looking at this.. DM! where did you find this atrocity of nature!
    Nasty azz wench!

  5. babybear1170 Says:


  6. Puhleeze tell me this is a joke…

    I cannot believe someone would be THAT dumb to actually do something like this!! *SIGH*

  7. tiltedhalo Says:

    I am so sick over this. Why in the sam hell would anyone with half a damn brain get this shyt tatted on their body? I mean fa real! Damn dumb ass!

  8. I tried to email this to you but it got bounced back. Here’s some ammo for your site


  9. LOL!! Oh dayum Supa Dave.. I gave out the wrong email *mute*

    Thanks for the photo!!! This is great!

  10. TeanBean00 Says:

    you know what.. i pray she never breast feeds..cuz no baby deserves to look at a cum drippin dick on a mothers chest all day..

    then the balls like kiwi.. im too through

  11. sandybaby Says:

    LMAO @ TeanBean!!!!
    I sooooo agree!

  12. I’m with you Tean. At first glance I thought it was a kiwi or strawberry with a candle hanging out. Why would you do this. She ain’t trying to get any parts of a job.

  13. karmelkandii Says:

    She need jesus!!!! poor thing don’t have nothing else to offer now that is a typical hoodrat

  14. Ann da Panda Says:


  15. I feel so sorry for this girl. What does she tell her kids when they ask about “the writing on mummys chest” gees!


    I can’t!!!

    This right about killed me.

  17. That shit is just plain fucked up. As much as I love peace; I have nothing.

  18. PreciousDiamond Says:

    Now I know I have seen it all and Joy, please she probably a welfare queen.

  19. This is the hottest, stankest mess I have ever seen…. in THIRTY YEARS. **smh** I have no words.

  20. ***Sigh*** I could ask why, but I don’t want to be redundant. I would ask this though.. WHY WOULD YOU LET HER (fill in the blank)?

  21. I know I am late… I just discovered this spot. Can somebody tell me what the hell that is around her mouf?!? Looks like life just imitated art… ugh man, ugh… Sweet toddler Jesus, come get me!

  22. Remember children: Tattoos are forever.

  23. New Orleans Babbyyyyyyyyy! Says:

    I have seen this girl She is from New Orleans, and used to work at the Popeyes on Emwood Park Blvd… Fortunatly you did not show a pitcture of her face. She lookls just like the type of chikk that would get that shyt tatted on her neck

  24. jeff stephens north little rock ar blues genre and drums queen hapshepsut

  25. Wow! I bet she has kids. Y in the hell wouls a grown fuk that any woman do that to herself. She hat to smoking crack. I know it s a recession but even with your face not showing thats about all a real(any) that will get close will take form her

  26. bitch if u gonna do it commit to it DO IT BIG NIGGA! u got screwed over that lil scrawny cactus lookin dyck. dAYUM JIGABOO!

  27. are those tiny white bumps on her lip. herpes? i can’t finish my dayum applesauce now. O NASTY BUZZARD

  28. FullFiguredGoddess Says:

    I’m just toooooooo mad !

  29. Lisa S. Says:

    Dis Bytch a prime candidate for mutha effin syphilis!! WTH is dem dam bumps in the corner of your mouth?!?!

  30. hotdrumchick Says:

    She must not be right in the head or something, cuz no self-respecting woman would be stupid enough to put herself out like that, smh.
    Just when I think I’ve seen it all, this site is here to tell me, “hell no you ain’t!!”

  31. Damn ya’ll most deffinetilly got to get ya shit together.Na for REAL ya’ll got to do something iaght no playin,ya’ll got it all fucked up $-)

  32. wtf is dat on her lip?

  33. Ka' Tonia Says:

    A warm mess! Seriously though, I have to wonder if she has a mental disability or something. I have refrained from commenting but this chick desperately needs some attention. I mean where’s Momma, Big Momma, Madear? As a people we have got to do better! Imma pray for chic but in the meantime someone needs to knock the fuck outta her! *balla up fist* Girl BYE!!!

  34. WTF…That is not classy…can u say GHETTO..lack of oxygen to brain 4 real…SMDH

  35. All this shit is sad It’s funny as hell tho its sad that nobody taught these young kids about self love self esteem and all the other uplifting things you need to hear in life now there grown ass folks out here looking a hot mess looking for acceptance in all the wrong places

  36. the power of advertising , she saved a ton of money on business cards

  37. wanna bet she never knew her daddy

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