Episode #12 – I Blame George Bush

This recession got everybody fuked up. These hoes know they wrong. Look at the expression on the mens faces (especially the white dude and SECURITY!! they look disgusted as hell!) . LOL! They looking like they can’t believe they spent their stimulus on this bullshit.

We gone need a prayer vigil for them dayum body stockings.

*tipping my Boones Farm*

30 Responses to “Episode #12 – I Blame George Bush”

  1. No maam. Absolutely not. I will not be a party to this foolishness. I’m done. I think my nose is bleeding. What is that lil strip of white on her stomach? No, no. I can’t. I can’t….

  2. OMG!!! You have ruined my morning with this. They think they getting it too. That’s when Bachelor parties go wrong.

  3. sandybaby Says:

    This is just WRONG on so many levels!!!!!!

  4. babybear1170 Says:


  5. TeanBean00 Says:

    she got on white drawls underneath that stretched out fishin net.. her lil slide in heels gettin ready to give out.. dis shit is just sad


  7. I’d put money on it…that watch out for the big girls is playin in the background…you can tell look at their get em faces

  8. i blame ThatBitch for putting me onto this blog! JESUS LORD take me as i die from t he laughter! i am shaking my head in disgust for my people. SHAME!

  9. my bad… I blame FRESH. got my blogs confused there for a minute 😉

  10. Are those panties over the fishnets? I can’t where is my Tylenol PM

  11. Melanie Says:

    It’s big girls like those two that bring the rest of us down. Lawd Hammercy!!!

  12. I know this was a joke. Where all the real strippers at?? But forreal, I’d hire them for my boyfriends birthday. HAHAHA!! that would be hilarious

  13. durtymo Says:

    Les you wouldn’t dare! CTFU!

  14. Mr Gunna Says:

    This is as good as it gets for the security guard lmao!@

  15. Hahaha, I don’t know who you are (i havent researched very far yet) but you’re fucking HILARIOUS and I love you.

  16. I ain’t nobody. Meagan please don’t research me! LMBAO!!!! Thanks for the luv…

  17. i know this post is dated but this is just wrong in so many ways

  18. h-town Beauty Says:

    this is outta line for real….

  19. the one in the red heard that really classy women leave somethun to the imagination, so she left on her draws (that white cumberbun look u see in her middle)

  20. WUT N THE HELLO!!!! Who n the world told them they could…. n where did ol girl in the FISHY NET find them shoes with all that xtra string. she musta sewed on some extention cords. N her sidekick aint no better with them white fruit of the air ballon drawls. i know dey feet hurting.

  21. This is some saaad azz s%*t!! them ghetto bunnies need to burn

  22. where is this party at? i’m hard just looking at the screen

  23. I assume this was a joke.. the real skrippers were comin in after these heffas got tired…*bout 5 minutes into the show* Some things big girls shouldn’t do..I know my limit and you wouldn’t catch my arse up there wit no fishin nets on..

  24. i almost pissed all over my couch reading seeing that mess and reading these post

  25. i almost pissed all over my couch seeing that mess and reading these post!

  26. kam5820 Says:

    They know they were way outta line. Its about to get real sweatty and hot in there LOL..

  27. I cant even say nothn…totally speechless

  28. this is why we can’t have house parties no more

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