Episode #13 – Heaven I Need a Hug & a Baby Wipe

Wesley Snipes doing everything he can to get outta paying that dayum child support. Where there’s a will there’s a way… please feast your eyes on the heat he giving you in the next pic….


Oh.my. The girl on the left look like she got bust in the head with a bag fulla quarters. Bless her heart she trying her best to smile through the pain.

Please look at that awful azz wig. She all forehead and eyebrows. How yo bangs start and stop behind yo ears? I hates a backwards bytch.

What in the azz was she doing to wet up her entire right side? You know you partying when yo deodorant be like “fuk it, I give up”…

Even if he had the last dick standing… I’d be one mad, backed up bytch… I’m just telling you what’s real…

19 Responses to “Episode #13 – Heaven I Need a Hug & a Baby Wipe”

  1. Is that last dude in The Rick Ross training academy? All he missing it the huge chain and more tattoos.

  2. misha5150 Says:

    LMMFATFO!!!!!!!!!!! You know you’re dead azz wrong for saying that mess about that female version of Blade. My soul weeps!!

  3. Is that a mustache I see in the first pic?

  4. cococure Says:

    ABSOLUTELY ROFLMAOO with salty tears and snutt dripping down my face @ Female Wesley Snipes!

  5. durtymo Says:

    @Dave – LOL you simple!

    @Misha – Tell me that aint Too Wong Fu.. *weak*

    @Beezy – I just don’t understand. I am crackin up!

    @ CoCo – When I first saw that pic I laffed for like 10 mins straight!

  6. MrsCeeBee Says:

    OMG! Wesley got tiddays. HOW?!

  7. sandybaby Says:

    These people make me never want to go out ever again!

  8. bunny26 Says:

    what’s wrong with dude in the picture with Mr Snipes? oooh i don’t blame him for putting his hand there…

  9. Jesus Be A Fence…

  10. babybear1170 Says:

    THERE IS BALM IN GILEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TeanBean00 Says:

    I cried laughin for 20 minutes last night.. u make me sick

  12. Please tell me exactly where these clubs are located because I need to book a trip with a cam corder and start a reality show on what not to do.

  13. I just can’t DirtyMo. The wetness under that chicks arm. She was having a smashing good time.

  14. Lmfao! Her whole arm pit is soaked! And weslee! No… What face is that? What interpretation of sexy? Dude really looks like Rick Ross.

  15. It took me all day to get past the Wesley in drag reference…all day!!!!!!!!

  16. durtymo Says:

    @Ki – I swear Tean Bean called me and we hollered on the phone for like 5 minutes!!!! That was definitely my laff for today! Wooo Lawd

  17. hotdrumchick Says:

    Poor girl in the third picture—-doctors sewed her eye back in wrong after getting hit with that bag full of quarters huh?!?

  18. Girl with beastn pits shouldah gave honeboi in the back some licky licky he got his mouth open like woah

  19. why do people go out dressed like they raided the clothing donation box , what grown man wears a red stripe shirt looking like the ghetto waldo , aint nobody looking for you . walmart has nice stuff yall

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