Episode #16 – Platinum Princess(es)

This is why I check “other” on job applications. The state of the black woman is pure shyt.  Look at “3 the hard way” hamming it up for the cam. Then the bytch with her brush at the bottom.  I seriously can not.

35 Responses to “Episode #16 – Platinum Princess(es)”

  1. This is what happens when you simply refuse to love yourself. What in the platinum blonde and Pepsi-swole hell is going on with these chicks! I have to say a prayer everyday for my people.

  2. thinktwicepeople Says:

    I second that prayer. I came across this site today for the first time and let me say you now have a loyal reader, please return the favor.

  3. what is up with these girls. i mean damn why would you leave your house without looking in the mirror. smh

  4. Let’s hold a good old fashioned prayer meeting because it’s serious with 3 the hard way…lawd let me hold my tears…and buy some toilet paper because the world is soon to end…

  5. durtymo Says:

    @GET – LMBAO @ Pepsi-swole hahahah! Hilarious

    @TT – I need the link to ya site. Thanks for the luv!

    @Kutta I’m sure they passed three fo’ mirrors ..trust.. they was prolly like “girl we fly”..

    @KI – I’m telling you..END OF DAYS!

  6. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    But her brush looks nice


    These heffas can’t possibly own no mirrors…and they all UGMOESHA’S! See Lil Kim! Look wut the hell you done started!!! Black Barbies??? Hell to da nawl! I guess they mama’s bought them white baribies instead of the black ones when tehy was kids! I mean all 3 of they asses! I mean not one of looked in the damn mirror and said, “you know yall maybe we need to rethink this look” !!!! This really pisses me off and I’m so glad I didn’t see they ass out and I was full of that truth serum cuz they woulda been mad at me or thanked me one!!! Somebody please stop lying and tell the damn truth so we can STOP THE FREAKIN MADNESS!!!!!!!!!! Durty mo you funny azz hell by the way!!!


    Is she brushing that hair???? WTF??? LMAO!! I had to come back for that one!

  9. Someone tell the chick with the brush that SHE IS NOT Paris Hilton!

  10. U know what? this is a fantastic idea for a blog! Damn your creative juices!!!! these picture makes me want to bring in some cows from an impoverished farm so they can chew on these heffas heads.

  11. Oh hell no!! Lil Kim’s Pips in full effect.

    and what in the hell?! That bottom pic… chick got strawberry mayonnaise around her damn mouth.


  12. The hair brushing is what really killed me!!

  13. Oh Black Jesus, why have thou forsaken us. Have mercy Lawd.!!!!
    Somebody get Rev. Run, I got a prayer emergency!!!

  14. TeanBean00 Says:

    When white people hate themselves the pierce their eyelids, nipples, balls n dicks..
    when black women hate themseleves. .they plop in grass green contacts, platinum blonde, purple, blue, red n orange weave…

    the girl holdin the brush knows her face looks like its been beaten with a iron skillet so why not dress it up..
    how can someones face be so swollen like that though?.. i blame heroin.. cuz dis bytch is obviously squirtin it in her face on a daily

  15. sandybaby Says:

    I blame the folks who work in the beauty supply stores! They will sell stuff to anyone knowing they ain’t gonna look a hot mess.

  16. LMBAO @ when black women hate themseleves. .they plop in grass green contacts, platinum blonde, purple, blue, red n orange weave… Geezuz!

  17. Pussytoes Says:

    Hairbrush chick looks like a black Donnatella Versace, only hairbrush has much smaller lips.

  18. @ KI I told you GBS is contagious and they tend to travel in pacts..someone needs to take them on that show Intervention…special bad weave addition.

    No, really..y’all act like y’all didn’t like brushing your my little pony’s head 😉

  19. *cries*
    This was at a David Banner concert in San Francisco in April. The one on the right is a bus driver. She had orange hair last week. I cry for my gender!
    *cries louder*

    But this shit is all the rage in San Francisco (the Black parts). Women dying their wigs unGODly colors and going in public. The sad part is, her weave probably matches her daughters……

  20. durtymo Says:

    Sweet – please tell me you lyin bout “all the rage in SF”.. in 2008? are you serious?

  21. I promise 4 God, to never go on vacation again without reading your blog!.. I am dying…

    BF 🙂

  22. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLERINNNNNNNNN!! Janice Combs and dem need to quit playin…

  23. MO,
    I ain’t even lying. I feel “different” because my hair is brown….
    the color I was born with.

  24. that’s all I gotta say about that one.

  25. LOL@ MOJO.. these women should be shamed… seriously!

  26. I just sit and wonder why... Says:


    Roycee never a truer statement was heard…I mean read. Janice Combs after a whole two liter of Pepsi.

    and a pack of cookies.


  27. ewww..that shit on her lips got some shit on its lip

  28. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!


  30. She looks like the black Miss Piggy!

  31. WOw…that is really all i can say.

  32. why is she combing her hair with that greasy mouth lookin like she just slammed a liter of gravy?

  33. The one in the middle is pretty and the hair fits her, but the two *queen b nicki minaj* wanna bes need to go a few shades darker on the hair color…they trippin..

  34. kam5820 Says:

    What the fuck is that at the corner of her mouth? She is fucking ugly as hell. And that Barbie doll hair made it worse for her. Smdh.

  35. What’s that in the corner of her mouth *side eyes *

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