Episode #18 – My She-ro

*snap for the kids* His/her stance is sick though! The crop jacket and curly red hair…I have no words.

24 Responses to “Episode #18 – My She-ro”

  1. TeanBean00 Says:

    Reba Mcintyre still got her shape.. u go girl!

  2. You are a complete idiot! *tears*

  3. I’m scared.. hold me.

  4. Jesus Be A Fence…where do you find this madness?

  5. she + him= Shim….and Shim is working it!

  6. U betta work bitch.

  7. Well melt my heart to stone. Bitch stole my swimsuit! LMAO

  8. Head hits desk after ready Beezy’s response…

  9. Hell Nah…The white version of Holiday Heart…..

  10. bellabeezy Says:

    LMAO @ ShellZ! Holiday Heart was my shit!

  11. durtymo Says:

    LOL! Shellz!

  12. eloquentdestiny Says:

    Lord, I’m on the floor! What a HOT STANKIN’ MESS!

  13. TeanBean00 Says:

    Hell Nah…The white version of Holiday Heart

    *kilt* i hate yall

  14. sandybaby Says:

    I’m gonna fight you for this right here!!!!!!!!!

  15. When Obama get into office he gon’ put a stop to all this non constructive ness.


  17. you gotz to be kidding me…GTFOH!!!! but he working those red shoes…i cannot be mad

  18. John Cocktoasten Says:

    ……(glurp)…..I just threw up in my mouth! HOLY SHIT – do some fucking SITUPS you fat bastard!

  19. Slo Poke Says:

    for truths what da fuc

  20. Lisa S. Says:

    Lil Red Riding Dick need to take her outfit back!!! SMFH!!! WTH… this is jus disgusting

  21. hotdrumchick Says:

    Damn, he/she looks like something out of “Alien”—–Where’s Sigourney Weaver?!?


  23. Mi55_Juicie Says:

    LOOK – a male Bette Midler! BTW – when ya toes hang over the front of your open toe shoes and almost drag on the floor u gotta do somethin…like DONT WEAR THE SHOES!

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