Episode #22 – Ground Zero

I…see…the…man..in…you. Own trust nothing outta New Yawk *sidenote* my ex husband taught me that and I’m grateful *smh*. I have no problem giving credit where credit is due but I swear he was backwards and retarded as all hell… I digress…*end sidenote*

I’mma need somebody to help me understand what’s really goin’ on cuz I’m kinda confused bout the hair and gender..I’m just saying..

29 Responses to “Episode #22 – Ground Zero”

  1. TeanBean00 Says:

    what is it?

  2. damn the hair peep the rings!!! I’m sure they say something important.

    can we retire the panther tattoos?

  3. I don’t even know where to begin…I think I know where to start…and the words just disappear…I just can’t…

  4. Y’all are funny to me… lol@ what is it though.. so so wrong..

  5. ((((((Just spit my soda out on my computer screen. ))))Does she or does not remind yall of Scotty Pippen? Im just saying….

  6. Shellz just killed me dead…DEAD

  7. Maybe she should have the “I Make Good Babies” shirt from the guy in the other post.

  8. tiltedhalo Says:

    LMAO @ y’all.

  9. That is a whole lot of conflict-free yaki!

  10. Y’all are simple as hell…

  11. LMAO “Conflict free Yaki”

  12. LMAO @ Mika’s comment!!

    I’m gone have to borrow one of your lines for this one DM and say “What in the azz????”

  13. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    damn the hair peep the rings!!! I’m sure they say something important.

    like what? return to mordor?

  14. Yo… Is that a rat tattooed on her upper arm?

  15. Mr Ed needs to Pink Lotion that shit if he wants to make rent

  16. CTFU @ R… not pink lotion.. that shyt smells horrible!!

  17. cococure Says:

    I think it has a wonk eye and decided to create a bigger pupil with kohl on the (for us) left eye to make that pretty face symetrical..

  18. I am oh so mad at the pink lotion. LMAO

  19. maybe he is black panther still on the most wanted list and to hide his identity from the FBI he changed genders , but got a tat to remind himself of the life he had to leave behind because of the man? A presidential pardon is what is needed here.

  20. sandybaby Says:

    This is a dude! For real!

  21. ewok calrisian Says:


  22. well at least half of its face is pretty

  23. misha5150 Says:

    this bitch is BEAT!! Got-damn, she-beast shoulda stayed her fugly ass at home, scrubbing burnt on crust offa skillets with that brillo pad she got attached to her head.

  24. That’s a girl sorry to tell ya’ll. she is from newark the hood I know her.
    I just saw her the other day on Irving Turner Blvd with that same hair style looking like that man.

  25. Is that sinceer from flavor of love 3??

  26. WHO FATHER IS THAT ???????????????????????????????/

  27. You know thats a man no smart women walks outside with her hair all poofed out like that pUULEASSSE

  28. She favors Kelly Rowland to me. A sick version sad to say… bless her heart and her scars and her part and her wondering eye…. throws holy water and blessing oil…. bless huh….

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