Episode #21 – You Look Real Stupid

Top Model on the right shouldda advised her friends, Venus Williams (L) in her fly’away wig [I’m so wrong for that one CTFU] and Peaches (C) in her pump it up wig and pink plastic earrangs that they look a mess. Peaches t-shirt says “I got me two boyfriends” like that’s something. I’m changing the channel on these hoes. Girl, bye!

14 Responses to “Episode #21 – You Look Real Stupid”

  1. ummm it’s supposed to be “I have 2 boyfriends” reading if fundamental people.

  2. Supa Dave – LOL! That’s why own even have time for these people!

  3. TeanBean00 Says:

    lmaoooooooooo@fly away wig.. omg i cant stand u.

    dat girl on da left looks like a broke down Princess from Crime Mobb.

  4. lmbo! u r hilarious…pink plastic earrings…venus williams…smh, u r so wrong!

  5. Tyra and Top Model is the debil…she is the reason why we have all this foolishness

  6. $20 says peaches in the neon pink earrings has a baby by the guy in episode #20! LOL LOL LOL!

  7. They got they good wigs on. Lookin’ like the hood ass version of the Dreamettes. You betta mooooooooove…

  8. LMAO!!! Chick on the left DOES have an uncanny resemblance to Venus.

  9. Lmao pump it up wig! “I got me”? What? Ol phonics challenged…

    What’s wrong with chick on the right’s eyes… She looks tweaky.

  10. I got me two boyfriends…. so yo ass could afford to pay for those pink plastic fuckery earrings and cheap as wig!

  11. shaylag78 Says:

    damn i saw this pic o indmix.com and knew it would make it on this blog this is hilarious

  12. Wow …..Look at the Chin on that one! Dont act like Yall dont know who im talking about

    • Jay Leno’s lost daughter? …………………………………….u know the economy is triflin’ when you at the club in your summer shorts and little sisters baby tee.

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