Episode #24 – Be Still My Beating Heart

Now see, I try to steer clear of celebs (if you want to call him that cuz clearly he is not) but I had to post this glamorous pic of B.I.Z. He works hard fa’ the money… Ain’t nothing like a man who know what to do on the 1s and 2s.

My first question is…how can you resist alla this deliciousness? And my second is…Why he holding his mouth like he just had a stroke? And the third..When is he due? He can go on Opr.ah just like that other pregnant man. *shrug*

I’m just sayin…

12 Responses to “Episode #24 – Be Still My Beating Heart”

  1. Aw, Biz. Girl, stay off your feet and pump the folic acid.

  2. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    Durty…….you did go there didn’t you? stroke right?
    Mo Lopez…..ankles swollen and all
    He got the vapors

  3. Dear Biz,

    You can afford lapband surgery.

    Kindest Regards,


  4. At least he didn’t take off his shirt like Rick Ross…

  5. I had to pic this dude up from the Airport for an event we were doing, and I must say the dude is hilarious (sad thing is, he was not at all trying to be funny)(Thats not a good thing)

  6. just realized i spelled pick wrong

  7. lmao.. i saw him outside of bestbuy one day. He looked EXACTLY like this. That’s just how he rolls.

  8. TeanBean00 Says:

    He keeps a pretty girl on his arm though.. i wonder how much he payin cuz i need a part-time job

  9. sandybaby Says:


  10. SuckaFree Says:

    Saw him in concert once and he started scratching with his belly. Shirtless. Phenomenal.

  11. (although that is a retarded ass look on his face)…Biz is a legend in my book….so he gets a pass from me

  12. they say nobody beats the Biz I digress, somebody done fcked up him up.

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