Episode #26 – Forever Shanaynay

WOW! [thanks mahogany876 for this] She looks JUST LIKE SHANAYNAY!!! I don’t even know where to start… the vest (with nothing underneath), the tats, the braids (I’m doing mine like that this weekend..watch), the naked face… *speechless*

16 Responses to “Episode #26 – Forever Shanaynay”

  1. Lol. I can’t remember my own name on a warm day but I remember Shanynay’s lip stick was called Caramel Custard in the Snow.

  2. Why does she have her mouth open like she is about to break out into Forever Shanaynay…

  3. HappyToBeNappy Says:

    I’m mad at the braids. Where in the year 2008 do you get those done? What kitchen beautician is still hooking up them joints??

  4. I wish there was a full view because she probably had on rolled up daisy dukes and some combat boots yellin’ “Heeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!”

  5. TeanBean00 Says:

    I can’t remember my own name on a warm day but I remember Shanynay’s lip stick was called Caramel Custard in the Snow.

    *deaddd* thats the episode where they were all in the truck with Tommy and he called Keylolo the wrong name..

    if u look away from the pic real fast she looks like Omar Epps in a wig

  6. *falls out of chair @ Omar Epps comparison* Bean you are a fool!

  7. LMAO@TeanBean… I knew there was something very “Juice”-ish about her, and u done went and hit the nail on the head with the head of the nail. OMAR “I’m The NEW MILLENIUM Larenz Tate-Love & Basketball lookin ass” Epps! Man, thats some good stuff.

    Just looking at this photo makes me thirsty for her.
    Um… and why does my face suddenly feel oily? **Reaches for bloat paper**

  8. ooops… blot paper. My ladies know what i meant…. but actually, judging by this picture, maybe i DID mean “bloat” paper. :-/

  9. Why did I just look away real quick and back…and TB is right…

  10. I dunno..add some tear drops and you got Lil Wayne

  11. hot tata labota come tie my bow tie mama se mmama sa mamacusa
    ((((Speaking in tounges to rebuke the devil))))) ALL of yall are crazy and are about to get me FIRED from my job for laughing outloud!!

  12. Mobilemoll Says:

    Somebody PLEASE pour some liquor out for this! Anybody? A 40? Damn, a 22oz tall can?! Even her expression screams “I tried y’all.”

  13. sandybaby Says:

    LMAO @ Tean Bean and Prototype. So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lilmiznormal Says:

    She got the Maxine Shaw going on….smh

  15. kid is so hype
    foever shanaynay

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