Episode #35 – I Wanna Be A Star’rah!!!!

Btw I nominated you for best humorous blog at the Black Weblog Awards. – LA


You know I got much love for you La and thanks so much for the nomination. Now all you other hoes go and vote for me! PLEASE!!!!

God Bless.

LOL! I ain’t above begging..dayummit!

9 Responses to “Episode #35 – I Wanna Be A Star’rah!!!!”

  1. sandybaby Says:

    You know I’m voting for ya!!!!!!

  2. I got you Mo!

  3. Also voted for you in the blog to watch category…

  4. Consider it done!

  5. TeanBean00 Says:

    u famous now.. yall look out for my Scandalous tell all book.. lol..

  6. That book would be alla 10 pages..I can’t stand you..

  7. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    lol@TB00 Durt you got it. hands down.
    *is we gone get paid for doing it*

  8. PreciousDiamond Says:

    You’ll get my vote.

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