Episode #36 – You Sent It!

Thanks deseno00!!!

The beauty of it all (her words not mine) LOL!… She also added the caption! CTFU!

I honestly have NO words cuz this shyt is redayumdiculous!

26 Responses to “Episode #36 – You Sent It!”

  1. All of a sudden I want one of them big ol’ hams wrapped in that plastic net. Anybody need a ride to Food Lion?

  2. sandybaby Says:

    This hooker right here is not even worth a comment!


  3. I just broke up with black people and we won’t be getting back together

  4. Shouldn’t that caption read: Save the stripper cheerleader – Save the STDs?!

  5. Also I hope she don’t have diabetes cause she’s gonna lose a foot behind them shoes.

  6. Again, this is what happens when you have no friends and no mirror! When will these heffas learn?!?!

  7. bklynfinest Says:

    wtf is wrong with this chick? dropping your coochie on the clubs dirty azz floor is not cute

  8. Is she really wearing a fisherman’s net over her “good drawz”?
    If she keeps this up, that pic in the background is as close as she’ll ever get to a Benz and rims. *sigh*

  9. A few observations…

    #1 She’s not stripping… *See wristband on double-jointed arm*… She actually just wore this TO a club….. She must be related to a bouncer.

    #2 Gold shoes, turkwa (read: turquoise) bra and thong WITH label peeking out, black net “cover up?” with fringe, helmet-of-a-hairstyle…

    #3 Thats not a full split… that right legs is bent. Chick would NOT make it past eliminations at UCA Nationals…. *holding a scorecard that reads “4”*…(10 being the best)

    #4 WTF kinda flooring is that?!? SAWDUST?! Brown shag carpet??? Either wa, I know she better take her time gettin up.. End up with a splinter in her cooch or carpet burns on her calves!!

    I blame HBCU’s EVERYWHERE for ish like this… if yall would quit hiking tuition and stealin all the endowment money, po’ thangs like Kileshia here could stay in school!!! <<<Cuz dont SHIT about her look say “USC or Florida State”.

  10. The look on her face tells me she don’t even know why she does this to herself. The bitch is just lost….

  11. I sure do love y’all… Summa you just kilt me with that! LMBAO!!!

  12. Pimps & Prostitutes Ball 2008 Bunny Blue Balls wows them with her performance in the agility contest. Her pimp SweetDaddyMac most be proud!

  13. Shanshilly Says:

    I wonder just how loud the “pop” sound was because you know her kitty cat was suctioned on to the floor after that split.

  14. Shanshilly Says:

    …and is that the tag showing in the back of her draws. AW HELLS NAW!!



  16. LOL@ SHAN!! I want to fight her!

  17. TeanBean00 Says:

    She should’ve picked the Moet bottles or the $100 dollar bills as the background.. it would’ve brought out her eyes…

  18. Mobilemoll Says:

    That’s a still from the new VH1 reality show “Bullet wounds, knife marks and burns.” You know Black folks are on the come up on that channel!*

    *I’m officially Dominican/Panamanian now, with a slice of Cherokee…

  19. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    Summer… that’s a french roll circa 1992
    Durt…pray first
    Aunt J…I broke it off with blacks a long back and I feel so much better now.
    TB….skip you, negro skip….you!

  20. PreciousDiamond Says:

    LMAO @TeanBean!!!

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    […]Episode #36 – You Sent It! « You Know You Dead Azz Wrong[…]…

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