Episode #38 – A Buncha Mayhem & Foolishness

Ok ladies….just because you may be a size 2, does NOT mean it’s ok to parade around the club like this. I hates a classless simple bytch. She DOES NOT look comfortable…make me sick…

I swear if I see one more outstretched, oversized, overexposed gut I’m gone holla! This how New Yawk carrying it..uh huh… half shirt and low ride stretch jeans…askew lacefront… jackie O glasses…I’m tired just looking at her cuz she is tired, tired, tired!

Ok so the camera man was like “lemme take yo picture ma”..and her first thought was to pull down her shirt and squeeze her tiddays together. How is that even logical???

Do not adjust your screen or ya eyes. Yep this bytch at the club with drawls and fingerpaint! I denounce the entire black community. That’s it..I’m done!

42 Responses to “Episode #38 – A Buncha Mayhem & Foolishness”

  1. Another booberfly. What did the buttefly ever do to deserve that shyt?

    I could look like picture # 1 in about a month. If I died right now.

  2. Too much to comment on, I’m done…

    Body paint in the club???? Lil’ Kim should NOT be a role model. No body paint except in the bedroom PLEASE!!


    I…. can’t….


    Dammit! Where have you been all my bloggin’ life???

    *bookmarked & linked*

    And I’m on my way to vote for you for the Black Web Awards!

  4. TeanBean00 Says:

    im really not understanding the cut out egg carton bra the chick up top is wearin..

    Is there an Butterfly advocacy group that I can e-mail or call?

    so instead of claiming suits n dresses for a 9-5 job, dis bitch claims spray paint and thongs on her taxes.. im so glad im white in 08′

  5. well you know the female in the first pic didn’t go to dance, cause if she even tried everything would be exposed…

    & the last picture, how is that even comfortable?! just sittin there with your tiddays hangin?!

  6. Mobilemoll Says:

    I swear, they all look like broke down, bad boob job and just nas-tay versions of:

    2-Foxy Brown
    3-Queen Pen

    I mean hard luck like a muthafuk! Doing shit strange for change, holla for dollars and “Piss from the neck down, daddy!” vapid looking heffas.

    I need Jesus, I’m too gleefully bitchy 😉

  7. Cam2.0_prehistoriclikeneffiemama Says:

    Its like aint NOBODY told these heffas where to find some decent fitting clothes.
    Any and every person they left tha house wit aint shyt.
    Sleepy poccaras and nipple wonk (ahem, copyright beeches!) aint trendy. GO HOME.

  8. …Third pic has had it hard, u know things r bad when u just shut down your face muscles :0/ when somebody says “cheese” and whip out yo tittays…I know what it feels like to wanna laugh…and caint…to grow up in a house of men having to fight all yo life…I know Young Sophia. I know.

  9. Why boobs out chick looks like she does it every day? “yep, here’s my tits again…” the first chick, there’s gotta be a piece missing from that fit. The last chick? I admit I’ve done body art before but my breasts knew each other, and I wasn’t pretending that ish was an outfit.

  10. cococure Says:

    that first pic looks as if beyonce took that ‘cyrup and lemon and pepper’diet a littttle too far.
    is that second girl foxy brown?
    that third girls tshirt looks like Vomit.
    last pic;im so confused,around the nipple area it looks like fingerpaint but then around the bellybutton and at the end of the ‘thingy’ it looks like fabric..confusing,very confusing and disturbing.

  11. so when you get raped up in a corner, do not act surprised.

  12. The one in the third picture is looking at the camera like ‘what!?’ Bitch nothing! Absolutely nothing your bean shaped head could ever comprehend! The fact that you have to tattoo in a butterfly and some arrows on your chest to even get any attention, might give a clue that you ain’t shit.

    And shouldn’t you be out in the woods chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger or fighting The Alien?

    Oh and LMFAO @ TB – Egg carton…

  13. Ladies, please stop showing us your tattooed tits. Especially if they come with stretch marks.

  14. “Is there an Butterfly advocacy group that I can e-mail or call? ”

    My thoughts exactly TB

    When did it become acceptable to walk around in draws and fingerpaint at the club?

    And size 2, if your breasts are a size 16, Houston we have a problem, someone please page Dr. 90210

  15. TB says: “Is there an Butterfly advocacy group that I can e-mail or call?”

    ROFLMAO!!! hell nah!!!

  16. Nykya Says:
    August 6, 2008 at 11:31 pm e

    …Third pic has had it hard, u know things r bad when u just shut down your face muscles :0/ when somebody says “cheese” and whip out yo tittays…I know what it feels like to wanna laugh…and caint…to grow up in a house of men having to fight all yo life…I know Young Sophia. I know.


    *dead on arrival*

  17. #1… I hates a blankfaced bitch posin for the cameraman. Aint nobody photoshoppin this shit for yo ass. GET IT TOGETHER Monique!
    **I was tempted to call her a broke-ass Denver Nuggets dancer til I saw that tattoo… But where else could you find spandex with a gathered crouch?

    #2… I hates a bitch shaped like an exclamation point… and is that debris or a navel ring? My eyes stopped focusing on this kindsa bullshit… I needs a seeing-eye dog just to continue clownin these rats.

    #3…THe butterfly is obvious but i’ve decided that those bars are arrows that are pointing away from her on each side that read “Looking for class? Look this way!”

    #4…Regretfully i think someone paid that hoe to be painted in the club. The sad part is that i dont know WHAT the FUKK she’s supposed to be promoting! GAV? CAV? Talk about counterproductive advertising.

  18. sandybaby Says:


  19. Summa u just made my day! CTFU @ #1

  20. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    I’m guessing the girl in the first pic was at a Disney Ho Princess Party and she went as Little Mermaid

    And is this what Foxxy Brown is doing with her time? She gone make it hard for Remy to get out.

    Imma need ya’ll to stop calling that a butterfly..it’ a moth

    just no to the fourth picture. Rent was due.

  21. cococure Says:

    omg.i have that bag that girl in the second picture has.
    I live in Amsterdam,Holland though..I guess it would be ok If I’d still keep it,right?

  22. LOL! COCO you can still rock yo lil bag..po thang

  23. babybear1170 Says:


  24. See, just when you think there is a ray of hope…I was fooled the pic of the last girl was on my screen with just her face, so im like ok she kinda cute…then I scrolled down…what the flying fu*k!

  25. Chick with the butterfly boobs reminds me of those Mad magazines where you have to fold the paper together to see the hidden picture..

  26. immigration Says:

    Whats incredible….I know these photgraphers !! And they are reaching !!! The sad part is that yeah these hoes really think theyr’e the shit !!! Theyr’e shit just not the shit !!! in a couple of years figerpaint is gonna catch religion….the rest of dem hoes have it all mixed up…..wrong club……instead of a nightclub they need to be in a health club !!!

  27. 1. the first chick…wow! her fake bra shirt thing look like styro foam! and the fact that she is posing like she is super hjot is killing me like there is no tomoro! looklin like a Tamia/Beyonce frankestein fuck-up!

    2. She really think she look cute! i mean she cheesing hard like she the shit. not realizing she look like a damn fool with them tight ass toddler jeans on and her flabby stomach fucking up my eyesight! the glassed…haven’t we past that stage! the lacefront…..*smh* the damn lace front!!

    3. wtf is up with her whole outfit!!!! the shirt look like its old as hell and the shorts…wtf r they! puke! her face look like she is a bare knuckle boxer and she isn’t a champion! she js look horrid and mad and scurred and washe dup and the tattoo thing. js lookin at the pic make me think she she gon pull a gat out her titty and shoot the camera man…titty tattoo’s ladies! NOTHOT! eve started it and it ends with her!

    4. OH MY FUCKING LAWD! u know she got fuckd in the club ny the bouncer, owner, bball players in VIP, sum random ass drunk dude name Lemaurion and a chick names Kelly! I was confused that this was body paint! she need her ass whooped I wanna take this picture, print it out, fly to where she is, find her and whoop her ass then stuff the picture down her throat…i am so upset with the ignorance in this photo! then black women wonder why black men are scarce……who wants this trashy ish…

  28. Her poor parents! This is senseless!

  29. Butterflyz Says:

    That’s a damn shame when you’re sitting in the club, and you see somebody strolling in with some damn body paint on. Did she think that shit was sexy?????

  30. suck nuts Says:

    I dont like this site! people who talk about other people behind there back thats gay! Where the picture of the person talking! get ah life!

  31. realbuttknocks! Says:

    U first

  32. Omg..I had an argument with some girls the other day. I told them when your stomach gets bigger…your pants should get bigger. Your stomach should NOT be hangin over your jeans. They tell me that you pick your size by the size of your waist UNDER your stomach fat. SMDH…so I just said ok…if you wanna look like a half squeezed tube of toothpaste go right ahead…

  33. Sorry but baby in the baby blue, could drink with me all night, if she covered up that tattoo, but I bet her attitude if foul, because surely is the best thing in the club!!!

    2) Garbage, clearly no doorman, or the bitch slipped in the back!!

    3) Damn the picture, why put tattoos on the titties, that sickens me, then to think it is cute, how sad is this bitch, hopefully she is going to reproduce, how proud her children would be for her to show up at parent teacher night, sorry, I do digress, you know damn well she can’t make that, too busy trying to make rent!!

    4) Has to be some sort of hostess or something at the ass out club, please tell me she did not come out of the house, thinking she was making a fashion statement….I think she is on that Four Loko, that is the new liquid crack of the ghetto!!!

  34. haha lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. haha lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!efgthrjydktl

  36. The rest of the girls look like trash, but I’m sorry the first girl doesn’t look half bad. I think a lot of people are just hating because they couldn’t pull that off in a million years.

    • Meeeee – I agree….leaving a little to the imagination doesn’t hurt though….when the rest of u is skin…

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  38. shepretty in tha face doe

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