Episode #41 – Philly

You know what. I hate the U.S. Now every nig wanna be an Iraqi citizen with the overgrown beards. This what they doing in Philly.. No thank you!

why dude face tore up like he smell something foul? LOL!

Him would be cute if he wasn’t such a bamma with the shades and the braids. In ’08 you’d think people would let some shyt go.

I’d rather not…they look raggedy as hell!


28 Responses to “Episode #41 – Philly”

  1. Is Rick Ross everyone’s role model, or are they all trying to escape from Guantanomo Bay like Harold and Kumar. Looking Hamas gone urban in these pics.

  2. “being broke is not an option.” looking broke? A valid life decision.

  3. TeanBean00 Says:

    why do men find a style and run wit it..

    Fat ass in the stripe shirt tryin his best to look like a muslim wit a cup of Henny and a belly fulla pork…. ugh

  4. How do you clean those things?
    I secretly find some of the guys w/ beards I see kinda sexy though.

    *hangs my head in shame*

  5. Wait! Nevermind the Iraqi-grooming habits, how about the suspect nature of all these grown ass men standing WAY TOO CLOSE embracing each other? The arm around the shoulder? FOREAL? In 3 out of 4 photos, these fluffy ass reggins are standing close enough for nipple rubbing. EEEWWWWW! When there are women present, there is NO EXCUSE for you to be standing that close to another penis. I…GIVES…THE…FUKK…UP on black men everywhere! YES Homo… YES YES YES!

    Anybody know what club I can find Bill Maher in??

  6. This must be one of those ‘coming home from jail’ parties

  7. dude on the left, in the 2nd picture, is DEFINITELY the female in that relationship, with his rosey cheeks 😉

    …LMFAO is all i can say about the last picture..

  8. Why erebody so pissed? Ralph Lauren gonna quit makin 3XL?

  9. Some trends when followed by the black male population disappoint me as to the fact that the contents of the dating pool are full of these trollops.

    Pic 1.
    Why does the dude on the right look like that boy from special ed that finally found him something that can make him popular. The beard of a rapper that would rather you think he was a criminal , then gainfully employed and paying taxes. smh

    Pic 2. In his attempt to look cool , cooter in the white shirt thought he would take a pic with someone less attractive than he is. FAILED. He just looks like he got so drunk that he chose the wrong person to take home when the club was dark…. now it is TOO LATE…you screwing Rodney Jerkins cousin Roscoe tonight!!!

    Pic 3. This is a perfect example of males who think a cup of liquor in their hand makes them sexy… NOT!!! I bet when the fat one opens his legs it smells like fish and cabbage water. ewwww you sour bastard!

    Pic 4. Dirty jeans in the club are a NO NO!!! Posing in close proximity pics with another male that OBVIOUSLY has never used an iron or thought about personal style…. STUPID AND JUVENILE.

    This is why women of stature don’t go clubbing anymore. Club full of GARBAGE.

  10. TeanBean00 Says:

    RP Says:

    August 7, 2008 at 11:04 am
    This must be one of those ‘coming home from jail’ parties

    nix Says:

    August 7, 2008 at 11:20 am
    Why erebody so pissed? Ralph Lauren gonna quit makin 3XL?

    i choked on my Mike & Ikes readin dis.. Nik kiss it

  11. sandybaby Says:

    I can’t stand those Osama looking beards!!!!!! It’s just not cure. Really!

  12. first, nix, that shit was comedy. 3XLOL
    second, why is dude in the last picture at the club with a 14 year old boy?

  13. sandybaby Says:

    I mean “cute”

  14. Thank you! Thank you! I am from Philly and all you see on every corner are men with these beards. They call them “Suni’s”. They look like they been locked up in prison for five years. These beards make them look like they need to be wiped down with chlorine, holy water, and rubbing alcohol. The worst is when someone has food in it when they are trying to be all up in your face. EWWW I curse Freeway for every bring this foolywang ish to Philly.

  15. What’s with all the nappy @ss beards??

  16. Homes over hoes…..

  17. Lol and points at Sweetberries… That’s it! HOMIES OVER HOES!!

    If this is all I got to choose a mate from, I’m changin my Myspace status to “lint licker”.

  18. In the last pic…who’s big fat child is this up in the club?!?!?!

  19. lmao@Now every nig wanna be an Iraqi citizen with the overgrown beards

  20. theCooLES Says:

    OMG… I KNOW these fools!!!! Yup, thats classic Philly style! So whack…

  21. immigration Says:

    I know I know…..the barbershops are on strike…

  22. everyone who posted a comment is ignorant dumbass the beard has nothing to do with osama or some fucking fad and sorry to disappoint the idiot who said Rick ross is everyone’s role but the beard has to do with their religion and having a beard is not a philly style ass whole it you get ou t the hood once in a while you’ll see where there are muslims there are men with beards including those who are white spanish etc and it wasn’t a coming home party and last time i check even those who are rich and attend classy parties can be found in a picture holding a drink

  23. @Maria why u mad chick it’s just a blog foment calm down u acting like ur man is up in these picks lol!!! Damn I’m from Philly too and it’s all in fun


  25. Say what

  26. why dudes think the rick ross freeway beards is hot. stop…

  27. BerryIsBlack Says:

    they not rocking goatee….they jus look like goats

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