Episode #45 – The End of Days

45 Responses to “Episode #45 – The End of Days”

  1. TeanBean00 Says:

    I cant stop laffin.. cuz what is it?

  2. Oh shit what is the Jamaican Men’s Shotputter doing on the street? He’s supposed to be in Beijing!

  3. Yeah, if I was Miss Honey I wouldn’t hear you callin either.

  4. See, this is what Florida Evans was reduced to after James was kilt. DAYUM, DAYUM, DAYUM!!!

  5. A black ummpa loompa..who would’ve thunk it?

  6. Shanshilly Says:

    We really should not pick at the mentally challenged, but THIS is some funny mess!! And the ashly legs just are the cherry on top!! LOL

  7. ok Lets try this again..

    The crack-head version of Holiday Heart

    Hell Nah!!

  8. I keep hearing that terrible Ms. Honay song in my head…

  9. My heart and soul aches. What kind of tomfoolery is this?

  10. and there go my lunch.

  11. kaliente Says:

    this shyt CANNOT be real! LMAO

  12. LOL@ Mo

    The hair, the lipstick, the bikini cut drawls, the track jacket, the gloves..it’s all too much.. what is in that freakin bag?

  13. kaliente Says:

    Durty Mo and u ain’t check the knot in the shirt! killin u hoz!!! is that a fukkin pearl necklace? and i think he’s pullin hats out of that bag

  14. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    that’s bold!!!! ctfu!!! I’m wrong for laughing my azz off but ya’ll make it hard. Imma go pray.
    but is that a bag of plastic bottles?
    I’m gone

  15. Only if He's Phat Says:

    2012 is truly upon us. She just didn’t give any type of damn. Is this bitch takin out her trash?!

  16. The tag says let me stock up on supplies HA :). Yes, with foolishness like this we are in the end times lol

  17. Only if He's Phat Says:

    2012 is truly upon us. She just didn’t give any type of damn at all. And did this bitch do all that just to take out her damn trash?! Jesus, Joseph, Mary and Muhammed…

  18. Soon as the pictures stopped loading on my Crackberry, a big as red “X” like the one on Family Feud popped up… Sound effect and all. I don’t think my data package allows for fugliness of this caliber. I need a damn burn out and she needs to be burned up!

  19. What in good God’s holy name???



    Send cash money in lieu of floral arrangements…

  20. Deseno00 Says:

    Dick will do that to you ….. pussy power is strong.. but don’t forget…

    DICK DEVASTATION… will have you changing your life for the worse…

  21. A proud member of the Jamaican canon ball Olympic team!

  22. He can’t be serious…I wont believe it, why put chalk on your lips?

  23. TeanBean00 Says:

    RP Says:

    August 8, 2008 at 5:17 am
    A proud member of the Jamaican canon ball Olympic team!

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo RP unplug your keyboard cuz im sicka u

  24. soserious Says:

    lookin like brown from the tyler perry plays..giv me a break

  25. Let us pray..... Says:

    *sucking my thumb and rocking in a corner uncontrollably*

  26. SouthAfrican Says:

    The photographer is partly to blame. He gave this fool ammunition!

  27. at a loss Says:

    WAT WHY WHO…once somebody notifies me of what IT is then mayb i can respond.

  28. Afrodisiac Says:

    This looks like one of Cosby’s kids!

  29. last month i gave my girlfriend a pearl necklace and she was very very happy “-;

  30. wat he win?

  31. stop or my mom will shoot

  32. simon gill Says:

    is this who’s going to represent jamaica in the olympics this year???????????/

  33. thats nasty….

  34. this is some nnnastyy shit

  35. Redlocdesire Says:

    OMMFG!!! MAKE IT STOP!! SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! Oooooo my stomach hurts from laughing!

  36. BerryIsBlack Says:

    I just cant…….

  37. That whatever looks like BIZ MARKIE.

  38. blacky manaj

  39. Ayyye on some real shit he killin me with that knot in his shirt.baby looks so right for the summer or nah???

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