Episode #48 – Hell Is Upon Us

As I was cruising the net lookin for H.A.Ms I ran across this deliciousness!! *screamin* WOW! Do I talk about the full length rabbit fur bunched up so you can see the thong that’s clearly on inside out? Or them ashy azz heels? Or do we debate whether this a  man or a woman? It’s too much. Fridays are usually my days of rest but this shyt right here got my spirit in an uproar. I am uneasy.

82 Responses to “Episode #48 – Hell Is Upon Us”

  1. Quick somebody call the zoo! The endangered black rhino is on the loose!

  2. sandybaby Says:

    This is why CNN does specials on us!!
    I can’t!!!!!!

  3. I want to comment but I can’t find the words. I’m voting that’s a dude which makes this all the more disturbing.

  4. I am offically traumatized. Biggie is alive and took on a new life as an exotic transvestite stipper..

  5. She’s squatting in front of that mirror trying to figure out if she’s still wearing that thong she put on in 1997. Oooh, there it go.

    • ohh shit that was funni azz hell wat yhu said 1997 thats a good one,,know ive stop laughing this is crazy black ppl well let me break it down where yall can understand niggas these days jus dont care yhu need to keep yo big azz body to your self did yhu know there was a thing called a computer and a thing called upload and damn a thing called internet know tell me yhu didnt know this wud happen man dont yhu know its a sin to be gay..go talk to GOD plz yhu need help and all theses other ppl on here too i admitt i laughed my ass off at the pic and what yhu said but shit thats wrong yall nigga need to carry yall self way fucking better f.y.i im a black waitt,,,nigga too…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I have one serious question…man or woman…I can’t tell

  7. “I am offically traumatized. Biggie is alive and took on a new life as an exotic transvestite stipper..”

    Pro this is why you are my friend…

    • wth would any1 this big tke ah pic with this on,I’m already sick need ah paper bag n grocery bag, I’m very ill…

  8. Wait a minute…I caught something on the way out…is the thong on inside out…is that a tag I see…

  9. You just know Shim twerking to hypnotize…

  10. This is the work of one brave ass nigga, shaving the bottom half of a black bear! those things are vicious, we should be applauding.

  11. BtotheE Says:

    August 8, 2008 at 10:34 am
    This is the work of one brave ass nigga, shaving the bottom half of a black bear! those things are vicious, we should be applauding.
    LMFAO! How do you even sleep at night?

  12. (Dry Heave)

  13. Cam 2.0_PrehistoriclikeNEFFIEmama Says:

    Ima tell u somethin: There is another pic like this out there walking my soul into hell.
    I know because I see another pair of drawls bunched up by tha door, waiting for its turn to be wrapped around the world.

    I blame Kod.ak, Fu.ji Film, N.B.See, Ritz B.its, Chec.kers, all dollar menus, and the maker of that futon shim is using for balance.

  14. *KILT* @ CAM.. I am so done.. seriously!

  15. durtymo you lying.. you aint done… there is so much more bull you have been deemed to uncover.. this needs to be done. Your site is the very thing I do day in day out… talk about the travesties I see. PLEASE no SABBATICALS until this kind of horrors are stamped out in society…


    Hold up the light…

  16. TeanBean00 Says:

    I’m scared.


  18. I swear I heard the Four Horsmen of the Apocalypse coming when that picture loaded.


    I’M DONE!

  20. I don’t know whats worse…the butt floss or that frizzy azz “fur”…

  21. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    his/her feet are clubbed from all that weight

  22. That is just SAD….

  23. This is how I know it’s time to get right with Jesus. If this is a woman it is a SHE-BEAST unlike I have ever seen. If it is a man, then dammit, I don’t know, I just know THIS AIN’T RIGHT!!! Obama please save us!!

  24. I never seen a bear shaved from the waist down :/


  26. Maybe this is a pic for his jailhouse penpal.

  27. Sista Sledge Says:

    Drop down and get your taradactyl on girl

  28. Let us pray..... Says:

    *stumbling around my room looking for my inhaler*

    I hate you durty….why you gotta do this to me….i can’t catch my breath….LMAO

    I mean did shim really drop down and get his eagle on for us??

  29. immigration Says:

    Shaved black bear ass…………….HILARIOUS !!!

  30. To me it looks like some ugly assed ugandan bitch with a blanket over its shoulders. Fuk it? Hell Ya. Then id kik its azz.

  31. U know u wanna fuk it too.

  32. lol lol lol i dont know whether to laugh or feel pity for this mf THAT IS A MF DOOD FUCK THAT LOL LOL i’m tryna figure out like why?what was tha point of this cuz if he was shootin for sexy then he missed that target as son as he bent down tryna drop it like it’s NOT!! omg i never seen such a flat as a pancake booty!!

  33. Fat black women are so damn hot. I would eat every single one of them up. Not afraid to show whatever they got. Don’t ever stop.

  34. Hmmmm…. *sigh* *Shaking My Head* *sigh* Umm. . . no da#n comment!

  35. The Truth Says:

    my my my my my, wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Tiredof yahll Says:

    OK I know he ended up in the hospital after this, cause his skin looks like its stretched to the mazz squatting down ripped the hell out of those bigazzz thighs! And who back was strong enough and brave enough to help Maggilla Gorilla get the heck up out of that stripper pose!

  37. FULL LENGTH? that damn Kodiak Bear make that shot look like a Half-length… And boy that damn thong probably can hold 10 people.

  38. empress Says:

    is he serious?wow

  39. makini Thomas Says:

    Oh my god… why the fuck would u do that to me… I was eating

  40. you no you dead ass wrong

  41. I know she paid big money for that thong, all the material it took to make!! If they used the elastic in that joker, you could probably shoot a rocket into orbit. I wonder how lotion it would take to unfuck those ankles? What human, would allow her to be on top, hell for that matter be on top of her, that is a her???

  42. See I wanna find da demented soul who sold him/her that shit…

    Jus a blackass, blackass sumthin!

  43. Hiz Wifey Says:

    How did this big amazon whom broke out da damn zoo, didn’t kno her thong was inside out??? LMAO!!! Then u have the oddesity 2 put on that fake replica of a Chen Chilla….Hot Damn thatz the worse mess I ever seen…not 2 mentioned……need lotion….& Lypo sucction!!!!!

  44. What the Fuck is this big black bull doing loose. An it has on a thong! Now this midnight black motherfucker needs to be taken back to the zoo!..Big Ced

  45. ion see why someone with that much natural insulation would need a fur………….just sayin

  46. gee gee Says:

    thats a man ? if not thats one ugly mama.

  47. Wuht tha fhuck ? Somebody explain to me why in tha hell that big ass black bitch from tha wizard of oz. (tha niqquh version) retire and fine her self doin photography porn !? I mean its sad. This picture is tha reason whyy so many pple are loosing dey jobs in this fucked up ass economy. This thang need to be slain looken like tha mysterious great black whale.

  48. omfg! ppl make mississippi look badd as fuck


  50. is this a man or woman???????? lmaooooooooo

  51. What the he’ll is this

  52. i had this as a pic mail and it was funny

  53. he/she need dha stop dey mess like 4real

  54. Why? smh poor thing….

  55. Assy ashy & heels…lol

  56. …I told Mr. Wonka to hide those fkn blackberries but noooooooooo…


  58. Redlocdesire Says:

    Aaaaaaaah! Wtf is that! For real that is some scary azz shish right there! Is it about to take a dump on the floor? Disgusting!! Scrape them damm heels!

  59. BerryIsBlack Says:

    Hellllllll NOOOOOOOO

  60. SAY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  62. Shawna Cooper Says:

    I know that strang stank!

  63. She doing it!!!!!

  64. Big black ass silver back. Lawd hav mercy

  65. lotion is your friend

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