Episode #50 – T.A.S.I

Ok so.. THIS is what was sitting in my inbox…after a much needed vacay cuz episode #49 hurt my feelings so bad…the email said “So that you may complete the set”…and all I can say is.. WOW! It is definitely official.. I hate women and I hate men even more..

This chick looks so dayum familiar to me.. TeanBean I think we know her! And yes, these the people in Ep. #49.. *no.words*

So maxipad girl wasn’t the only pussy he had in his face. I am sick all over.. and the people in the background are doing what?

So there you have it ladies and gentleman…this is the type of bullshyt I gotta shift through in my email.  If it wasn’t so got dayum disturbing and entertaining all at the same time, I’d quit this bytch…

30 Responses to “Episode #50 – T.A.S.I”

  1. Jett Jackson Says:

    Is T.A.S.I. a Christian ministry like the Power Team or something?

  2. gamera2000 Says:

    Dunno if this was stated already, but apparently TASI is a motorcycle group:


    Splains some stuff I guess.

  3. I guess he likes cottage cheese on his fish…

  4. good lord. is that a YT?

    Oh sh…i’m just not gonna.

  5. The fuckery never ends. Seems T.A.S.I dude likes chocha in his face. While ole gurl up there dont seem to mind quality inspections (not that there is much quality up there).

  6. CompleteFuckery Says:

    All i got to say about the girl in the first picture is: NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO- Words to live by while your man’s beating your ass.

    And does this girl have any damn self respect? I.can.not.and.i.will.not

  7. TeanBean00 Says:

    lmaoo i know who she looks like..lol

    Did they knock on her door while she was in the bed ? she invited them in and decided to take a picture with these 2 bamma ass dudes in her Care Bear pajamas??

    She’s probably the type to walk out the house in her pajamas and furry Homer Simpson slippers to the ice cream truck or the grocery store.. just slishin and sloshin across the parking lot lookin stank..

    woo i smell her from here.. I cant

  8. He prolly threw maxi pad girl down… and picked this one up since her period wasn’t on. He is a nasty ass trollop… just putting all kinds of pum tang on his face… he so damn thirsty and desperate.

    In the first pic he has on a wedding ring… now when he doing fishing expeditions he takes it off…

    I feel for his wife… and the face that she will kiss the face of a man that been sniffing skank coochie all damn night.

  9. Sorry thought that was a ring.

  10. death by tang Says:

    wait, does he do this for a living?
    certified pussy inspector?
    gynecologist of the future?
    i’m just looking for an explanation to calm my soul here!

  11. I sure hope ole titty twerked girl is pregnant. As for the face mounting, I don’t know who is more trifling- the TASI guy or the p-poppin’ “ladies”. I do know hower that TASI guy’s face probably smelled like old corn chips, sardines and hot dog water.

  12. Yep, another getting out of jail parties. This shit has got to stop.

  13. Well he a stong momafuka, give him that.

  14. Well that’s classy…

  15. This is not even cute…what is T.A.S.I. I need Soledad O’Brien or Anderson Cooper to investigate immediately…

  16. *tears* @ what is T.A.S.I. I need Soledad O’Brien or Anderson Cooper to investigate immediately…


  17. these guys know how to have a good time

  18. Isn’t he concerned about gettin herpes?!?! UGH how T.R.I.F.L.I.N.

  19. tardhead Says:


  20. Lord and behold

  21. Talkn about bad Public Relations…

    We are TASI, we ride motorcycles and let fat bitches ride our faces…

    naa homie i’on do dat

  22. Just plain NASTY………

  23. gurls Rulzs Says:

    hey yall waz the world comein 2,woman r exsposeing their bodyparts all over the internet,hey if its that dam cheap i know something is wrong with it LMFAO!!!!

  24. gurls Rulzs Says:

    i see were all the blackmen are at now,they are allow women 2 ste on their face with a bloodie pad,omg how nasty can we get,dont hate me because i am telling the truth about yall!!!!!!!


  26. Redlocdesire Says:

    I don’t know…I’m not sure…but I think something is sticking out down there by his chin. WTF IS THAT?

  27. BerryIsBlack Says:

    Thats it they all in a dayammmm half way house and they only can half way get busy cuz this some crack head shyt


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