Episode #51 – You Sent It

I am new to your site and have already learned and used a new word “fuckery”. Because you put a name on so many aspects of my life that I struggled to describe I thought I’d give back!

What form of polkadot hell is this? Lets hope she was about to put some sweats on and get on that treadmill herself. That dayum snowman looks shocked and appauled as am I. Sexy? Not even in that meth lab where she got her hair dyed.

WOW! CTFU @ the commentary!!! Hahahah…ya’ll make me so proud I swear!

*sidenote* I was sittin here tryna figure out who she looked like!!! If this ain’t the female version of Al Ro.ker I don’t know who is! My lord!

34 Responses to “Episode #51 – You Sent It”

  1. Mrs. Grimace is looking good


  3. Wait… ewww I just saw the pleated stretch mark mini skirt…

    Things wrong with this picture.

    1. the Wonder bread shirt.

    2. Wal-Mart Bra

    3. See thru micro braids

    4. Pork Sandwich Hands

    5. The need to have rings on every conecuh sausage fanger (yes fanger)

    6. The active length arms. (like you get at the nail shop)

    7. The fact that she is hugging the pole instead of the treadmill… on which she should be skippin’ instead of strippin’

    my iron low… I can’t continue.

  4. Let us pray for her tortured undergarments. Wait, are we sure that aint Al Roker in a “before” picture?

  5. lmbao @ tortured undagarmentssssssssssss

  6. h ah aha haha a @ nix…

    but do you see the belly chain around her wrist???? huh?

  7. My grits are officially cooked thanks Deseno’s comment!

  8. TeanBean00 Says:

    Deseno00 Says:

    August 11, 2008 at 9:17 am

    * fell out*

    she looks like she breeves heavy as hell

  9. Des and Nix just made my day…now I must go home and watch the Wiz… don’t she look like Hattie Mae (Big Momma)…”What you talkin?”

  10. Soooo Al Roker! Lmao!

  11. Cam 2.0_PrehistoriclikeNEFFIEmama Says:

    I am simply amazing as the blazing contrast between the color of her arms and face and her stomach…wow!

  12. Cam 2.0_Prehistoric Says:

    …cant even talk. i was at a loss for words over this fuckery.
    I meant *amazed AT*

  13. What did that snowman (on the treadmill – which is obviously not in use) ever do to anybody?

  14. Why oh why is she smiling like she aint doing wrong? Her titties taking a nap on her belly and she is wearing a curtain!


  15. This is exactly why we cant grow as a people…..

    Im wishing for Vitiligo AS WE SPEAK

    please turn my skin white
    please turn my skin white
    please turn my skin white

    Why my people why????

  16. *epiphany*
    The regla-sized stripper gets a regla sized stripper pole…
    The SUPER-SIZED stripper gets a concrete column!! I totally get it now!!

  17. HappyToBeNappy Says:

    Are we sure that isn’t Al Roker? I won’t be able to sleep for days after seeing that picture.

  18. misha5150 Says:

    That IS Al Roker!!!!!!!! LMMFATFO!!!!!!!

  19. i really hate u guys lmaoooooo. The Snowman is retreating!!! lmao lmao lmao

  20. some pic you do not need to post, are you trying to kill use all

  21. Let us pray..... Says:

    Des and NIX i hate ya’ll……FOREVER….

    LMAO…the wiz!!!!

  22. wow really just cuz this disgraceful pic you wanna be white?? how wack and as i type this it’s hard for me lol lol omg nc

  23. Another capital crime…

  24. Lol i bet she got da grungy ass voice, and the three long ass hairs on ha 1st chin.

    oh here it goes

    “u got more chins than a chinese phonebook”

    and im out…

  25. dat is definately big shirly from martin….remember da episode wen her n cole was in da bar n all u saw was her tits n her big fat ass monkey hand!!!! lmao

  26. gurls Rulzs Says:

    Big Gurls rulzs 2!!!!!!!!!

  27. gee gee Says:

    thats some of you mamas so stop playen lmao i like them big but what is that man/women?:

  28. she finna pole dance

  29. She have no friends cause if she did they would tell her….that shes a disaster.

  30. ..is that spaghetti on her damn head? ….UGH ….this is why little girls always want the WHITE dolls….

  31. That’s one brave b#*ch for even taking that pic.

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