Episode #52- Diagnosis: HoodRattedness

If I see one more woman with her azz twisted up to the camera in a too small ill fitted dress with her legs fulla fluid*ripple ripple* I’m gone holla! These two are prime examples of “Hood” and “Rat”. It is too early in the week for this shyt.

The purple leopard knees in the back of her legs..po thang.

36 Responses to “Episode #52- Diagnosis: HoodRattedness”

  1. Where is the blue in the candy stripper’s dress. I don’t see it…lawd help our people.

  2. huh-uh. You’d have to roll them in flour & find the wet spot.

    Also, why does fourknees have her fanger in her mouth? Get the chicken out your teefs before picture man comes around.

  3. TeanBean00 Says:

    they turnin around like they cute.. legs lookin like Wavy Lays

  4. “they turnin around like they cute.. legs lookin like Wavy Lays…”

    Thank you T.B. I will never eat Wavy Lays again…

  5. Ha! Purple dress got on cankle boots!

  6. damn damn damn i wish I had their self esteem cause really

  7. death by tang Says:

    purple robin hood boots….

  8. Cam 2.0_Prehistoric Says:

    Left Mess hair look like a gel and water mess. Tell me, when/where does her grandma’s purple doily come in handy? Needs to remove her head and start over.

    Right Mess: Only you (and your watery knees) can put out forest fires.

    There should be a limit to spandex/lycra content the higher in size a dress goes. I swear. Whoever is responsible for this needs to go directly to hell.

  9. sandybaby Says:


  10. TeanBean00 Says:

    *dead@ Cam2.0

    can u please unplug your keyboard.

  11. Cam 2.0_Prehistoric Says:

    *dead@ Cam2.0

    can u please unplug your keyboard.

    Tean, I gotz luv fa ya, but I cannot do that. This fuckery needs to be beat back into the depths of hell it emanated from.

  12. sad thing is, so body took them home and had a great time.

  13. Seriously… if you cant leave yo’ CAR outside during hail season, then shouldn’t it be assumed you shouldnt walk AROUND during hail storms??
    If I were their mama’s I’d trade both their damaged asses in for newer models… this shits embarassing.

  14. HappyToBeNappy Says:

    You can blame some dude who told them they was “thick”. Got me wanting to run to the gym right now before my legs turn into that. Yuck!

  15. Why the girl in the purple calves look detachable?

  16. ~sTeW~ Says:
    August 11, 2008 at 1:26 pm
    sad thing is, so body took them home and had a great time.
    Somebody who? Colonel Sanders?

  17. I am so offended…The sad part is I bet they have more belly than ass (ain’t seen their creases since the 5th grade). LMAO @ these broads thinking there were the jazziest bytches in the club. Yes, everybody is staring at ya’ll!!! But only because your thighs look like somebody done skipped rocks on’em.

  18. Mobilemoll Says:

    Memo: Showing the black part of your ass/inner thigh is not sexy. These hoes need Creflo…

  19. Let us pray..... Says:

    LMFAO @ jazziest bitches…..I’m done …

    *tears and gasps for air*……

  20. Thanks for nice post

  21. lol yall mf’s iz funny i got nc on this one

  22. never in my entire life will i forgive y’alls comments. i am never eating wavy lays or kfc or anything for that matter again!

  23. Cellulite is no joke… lmfao

  24. Hood Rat? Dem aint no rats homie, them straight full grown cockroaches, yes my brutha i said cock-roaches, the new breed.

  25. LMFAO have very cheesy songs but i do like their songs “

  26. Bigg Champ DRB Says:


  27. Cam 2.0 u sound hella dumb go back to school and learn how to right with your dumb ass and u talking about fat people and u look hella fat yourself

  28. They are wrong for that.

  29. They thighs rubbing together

  30. STANK!

  31. BerryIsBlack Says:

    The one wit her finger in her mouth…really…


  33. Cherry McClees Says:

    They got a bootydo!!!

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