Episode #54 – She’s A Queen To Be

This sumbody’s momma  y’all and her dayum drawls say “Sexy”!! I’m saying an emphatic N.O!!! to whatever it is she offering. Why she look so dead and unconcerned round bout the face??

I’m bout ta be sick! *earllll*

52 Responses to “Episode #54 – She’s A Queen To Be”

  1. Cam 2.0_Prehistoric Says:

    She got that weary look in her eyes ‘cuz no matter how much cocoa butter she slather on them thangs, tha stretch marks remain.

    Question: Is that eyeshadow or juss greeze?

    No comment on the afternoon shadow outlining her cratch.

    I’m done with u n this mess Durty.

    But befo I go, tell me that aint the same closet door in tha “shim with fur n thong” pic?!?

  2. “Dead and unconcerned”??? LMAO! Dammit… I had to de-lurk for that one!

  3. omg look like she has had major hernia surgery with all them road maps printed on her stomach. Then the thick painted on eyebrows and prison tatts. I am so glad im not black.

    • fall back……sounds like you wish u was black on the low trust and believe we got some good looking black woman out here! I know you know that just look@ the black woman that’s fucking your man! You know its true!! :p

    • Bitch please! white people got strech marks 2 n thats for every race. Black is beautifuk!

    • no your no black your right, your pink as hell and red as hell glad i’m no pink and red.

  4. That’s funny cuz my panties say “Naw you aint”.

    She looks like she been swiped in the gut by a raptor.- ~nix says with her own stretch marks safely hidden behind poly/cotton blend~

    I saw this episode on The First 48… a street walker was found face-up against a piece of oak wood compressing her titts and with a death’grip on her thong. The motive for murder was determined to be “FALSE ADVERTISING”. (noooooo!!)

    I think you accidentally rotated this pic 90 degrees cuz that face there screams RIGOR MORTIS!

  6. OMG! Cam why did i go back and look @ them dayum doors. I hate you.. seriously! LOL!!! Observant as hell!

  7. Cam 2.0_Prehistoric Says:

    durtymo Says:
    August 11, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    OMG! Cam why did i go back and look @ them dayum doors. I hate you.. seriously! LOL!!! Observant as hell!

    Just remember you posted it. luv u too heffa

  8. maybe i’m just nasty, but please lawd tell me baby girl didn’t soak through those 99-cent-store-bucket panties… ugh.

    she givin you heat in the eyes… as much heat as a woman who just recently had an abortion and is still doped up on Vicodin can have to offer.

  9. Dear Ms,
    your ticket to the short bus to hell has been sent to you. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.


  10. #
    R Says:
    August 11, 2008 at 3:35 pm e

    Dear Ms,
    your ticket to the short bus to hell has been sent to you. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.



    *in tears*

  11. this is just fantastic. you could not ask for a more attractive ebony woman

  12. She Is Dead Wrong For That Mess…Especially With Her Stomach Looking Like Chitterlings!! And Is It Just Me Or Does She Looks Like Lil Boosie?

  13. Is her belly button suppose to represent the capital of Atlanta, on the map of Georgia on her belly?
    All them roadways and waterways detailed on her stomack.

  14. Ms incredible, I think its the lips. His look cracked and crusted in the corners too.

  15. Bestservedcold Says:

    Ok, are we just going to ignore the fact that is says f-u-c-k down her forearm? This ho knows she’s a ho and bullet wounds and tiger stripes aside there is still a dirty dyck out there with her name on it… And obviously willing to get her pregnant!
    That’s it, stick a fork in me!
    **Goes to get something to poke out eyes**

  16. In my best Crocodile Hunter Aussie accent: “This here, Mates, is what we in the Down Under call a Tabby-Cat Belly. Notice the vertical stripes and the sogginess of the skin beneath.”

  17. Lmao@Tangela…

    Jesus be Palmers Cocoa Butter.

  18. TeanBean00 Says:

    *callin CPS* somebody has got to save her children

  19. And. I. Cried.

  20. I love that she’s “playfully” holding that strap…

  21. scoobysnacks Says:

    I feel so dirty, I’m going wash my eyes out with Clorox.

  22. I would love to do her ass up face down

  23. Let us pray..... Says:

    im not sure how i should feel rite now…..

    *blank fucking stare*

  24. some people are dirty and dumb tooshea

  25. OH HELL NAW, now she know DAMN well she wrong for wearin’ thongs that sexy… that’s a CAPITAL crime right there…

  26. empress Says:

    and just imagine there’s a dude out there that really thinks she’s sexy,i hope her kids don’t look like her &yes she does look like the boosie…. gotta be a crachead..

  27. DIs bitch got the audacity to wear a thong that say…

    “Hey daddy” *Insta-slap*

  28. Id beat folk real talk

  29. She look like the grinch that stole everybody vision!

  30. gurls Rulzs Says:

    hey yall thats that chic name,Lashon Denise Tunner/Adul-Aziz/Johnson,she use 2 live in Buffalo NewYork/now she lives in ATL,now she know she is dead wrong 4 that 1,but thats her i know that face anywere,somebody please help her,yall see if she need a loan,so she can get some better eyeshadow,looking like barny on crack,singing the wrong song,isa marry now,LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. das nasty

  32. what is this ? !! ….two tons of fun ? tap me pnukrap@yahoo.com =) lmao love ya’s

  33. damn me n my babie daddie was looking through the site n he want to talk to u get @ him “butchcass”

  34. Mmmm Mm mmmm (pulling up pants) Thats was sum good pussy!!!

  35. Shake my dayam head!

  36. BerryIsBlack Says:

    Why she coving up her tits…. she need to cover up them stretch marks and them draws need to read “Nasty”

  37. SkinnyFat77 Says:

    @ Berry Maybe she should use her tits to cover the stretch marks!! Men…this will be the woman that would get you killed by your woman for giving her an STD that will stick around like luggae!! Get wha

  38. ok seriously of all the things to hide she chose the nipples loooolest

  39. Honeypop Says:

    Now she kno she DEAD AZZZZZ RONG wit her ugly zombie lookin ass SMH !
    LMAO ):!!!???!!!???!!??!? ):

  40. Damn she almost made me throw the fuck up

  41. Twentieth-century Says:


  42. Twentieth-century Says:

    this is tracy morgan

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