Episode # 55 – Why You Mad?

Fuk me? No fuk you looking like a swole polar bear. I swear women gone be the death of me cuz why in the azz would these two andre the giants wear this shyt out in public?

Dese hoes done upset me.

**And that DOES look like Bootz from FOL!!! LMBAO!!!

53 Responses to “Episode # 55 – Why You Mad?”

  1. Damn a polar bear tho?? I thought girl on the left was Bootz from Flavor Of Fuckery..my bad u should tag some of these pics with “cottage cheese thighs” with Ashanti’s lil sis as the poster child

  2. Cam 2.0_Prehistoric Says:

    Fuk me? No fuk you looking like a swole polar bear.


    Fire extinguishing watery knees/thighs? Check.
    Spandex/Elastic infused hoe clothes? Check.

    You can tell by tha length of that fanga nail she aint wash her ass good.
    Durty im madatchu!

  3. And look at slow roll on the left, head all tilted to the side like its the first time she seen a camera.

    Thoughts, they be heavy…

    And is the Golden Pear on the right holding a vacuum bag?

  4. When Reality Show Hoez Go Back Home: Here’s BOOTZ!

    between the tatted, tree trunk of a leg and the swoop bangs..or did she leave the house with her hair still “wrapped”? WHO DOES THAT?!

    No, she has GOT to be giving the cameraman the middle fanga for immortalizing this cottage-cheesed fiesta of a fuckery… Yeah fukk HIM for wasting good memory and effort of shit like this!

  5. oh wait! No no… even better…

    When Reality Show Hoes Go Back Home: Here’s BOOTZ and SANDALZ!


  6. she does look like a polar bear!!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

    and her friend is a grizzly!!! ha ha ha ha

  7. I? Am losing. The Will. To Live.

  8. I’d be mad too if there weren’t enough lycra in the world to cover my thighs.

  9. home girl on the left kinda look like buckey from FOL…. before bypass

  10. Why Does The One In The Black Look Like A Swoller(Is That A Word, Lol) Version Of Boots From Flavor Of Love 2!!!

  11. You mean that aint Buckeey and Shenehneh… or Sugarbear ,Tart and Tangy.. hell I don’t keep up wit Flava Flav’s hoes and trollops.

  12. They’re kinda pretty in the face (sans makeup). Where did they go so wrong? How did all the fat end up around their knees? Why can’t they afford bottoms? These are the questions, people.

  13. death by tang Says:

    the one on the right should be planted in a national park somewhere. her thighs look like a couple of sequoias.

  14. TeanBean00 Says:

    I feel sea sick.. to many ripples n waves for me

  15. MissIncredible Says:

    Death By Tang….You Made My Day With That One, Lol

  16. I thank that thy look good, i would fuck them

  17. OMG….. Those r some huge bitches

  18. love you putin

  19. love you putin loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. FullFiguredGoddess Says:

    although they really should have more clothes on…. they really dont look that bad.


  22. jaldec2 Says:

    both of these hoes would be shooting me the bird after i get them this diznick

  23. Crisis of the Indigo Says:

    DOG… Them broads is GORGEOUS!!! I wanna kno who they are. i just wanna meet em and eat em. Them da sexiest women i have EVER seen.

    • dang are you blind desperate they dont wash their ass because of the stupid long nails DAH in other words they smell like pigs

  24. ok i am little my friend sent me this email with these nasty dumb ass blubber looking tacs just rude i never saw such greasy cellulite in public do they get paid to look this stupid and FAT

  25. Crisis of the Indigo Says:

    dog… i like a bit of meat on my bones. yall can say wut ya want… they nice.

  26. nothing sexier than a thick girl with just a TOUCH of CELLULITE that is a major plus. everytime i see that i just screams lick me please before eating my pussy. both of these women are super sexy. this pic shout jerk off 4 me. and i’ll listen and happily do it

  27. i’ll fuck the shit out the one in the black…. i ain.t desperate but that bitch can get it

  28. that shit looks good fuk every body

  29. Nek "CANDY LADY" jACKSON Says:


  30. Fuck outta here they are fucking sexy i would so wife em up easy!! Good job ladies. YES AND IM A FEMALEW

  31. … they both literally have legs of an elephant …

  32. empress Says:

    they really don’t look that bad

  33. omg the girl in the black looks like nikki minage if ever pregnant yuckkooo

  34. Wooow

  35. gee gee Says:

    that one on left is cute I met her on my space she is cool and look good all you dummy’s look at your mothers leg tell every one what they look like or look at your woman do she look like them or worst yo don’t hate.

  36. YawreallyBeHatin Says:

    this site should be called “you know am a hater too”

  37. YawreallyBeHatin Says:

    what the person that posted this look like is what i wanna know…cuz them females ain even all that bad lookin…

  38. Dammmmnnn they thick sexy and cornbread fed

  39. Heal Yourself With Foods…

    […]Episode # 55 – Why You Mad? « You Know You Dead Azz Wrong[…]…

  40. Dammm both then fine ass hell to

  41. Y’all like dam good ill have to both. Of y’all OK


  43. BerryIsBlack Says:

    They just thick not to much cottage cheese and lumps wats the problem wit em….

  44. Big Guls Need Luv Too…..

  45. Dirty people will hit anything…smh

  46. Honeypop Says:

    Why im mad,please dont ask dat ? Im mad cuz u posted dat pic SMH):

  47. Ummmmm my mother told me if I didn’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all so I’m just going to leave this situation where it is

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