Episode #56 – Finger Lickin’…

*blank azz stare*

51 Responses to “Episode #56 – Finger Lickin’…”

  1. Somebody just flat don’t give a fcuk.

  2. How come her knee looks like an elbow crease? How come my eyes hurt so bad, I thought this was one of those 3-D hidden images type things.

  3. “Generals Fried Chicken, It’s Butt Kickin’! We be fryin’ you be buyin’…” The people that wrote Undercover Brother saw this when they thought up that jingle…I’ll say no more…I can’t cuz I’m laughing too much!!

  4. I just sit and wonder why... Says:

    don’t it hurt to have legs that big? I mean, how can they walk seriously? I know that God is in the miracle business and maybe there is a lesson I’m to learn from this, but…er…uhm…I vote hell to the naw Bobby.

  5. She HAD to have closed down MING LING’s BEAUTY SUPPLY as much weave as she has in her head.

  6. Cam2.0_prehistoriclikeneffiemama Says:

    Why her knee look like a smiling mouth? Her inner thighs must look war-torn.
    The look on her face is slowly walking me into hell.
    I really can’t…

  7. Damn…..Chaka Khan Might Wanna Lay Off The KFC. And She Is Out Of Hand For Those Backwards A** Knees, Lol

  8. Oh My Dayum…. Star Jones fugged around and ate RuPaul! DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM!

  9. TeanBean00 Says:

    I cant tell if the front or the back of her knees are facing the picture..

  10. Ananomoose Says:

    The person next to her wants some KFC but that knee is about to attack her! And she needs to use some better glue for that wig. It just lashed out on her…

    Actually… I’m not sure anymore. I think her knee is flirting with me…

  11. Damn bean I was thinking the same thing.

  12. misha5150 Says:

    i am highly upset that her thighs melted onto her knees.

  13. sandybaby Says:

    I can’t even go here today!

  14. why would she do that to herself?

  15. CompleteFuckery Says:

    Well melt my heart to crack, bitch stole my bathroom curtains.





  19. Murrrlin, D.C. and Vah-jinya Says:

    Now, I love big women, I love hugging em, rubbing em, and loving em…. But this one here? I’ve never seen a women use food, fried chicken at that, as a fashion accessory!

  20. FullFiguredGoddess Says:

    now…….this is sad !!!

  21. wtf damn this bi8tch is fucking fatttt wtf is she doning in adresss her legs are bigger ther her drum sticks lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  22. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bitch gunna eat down the block lmfao

  23. Why are you hating on these people they are human what gives you the right to pass jugdment on anyone we dont even knw what you look like so who the fuck are you to be talking shit and all the people on your web site talk shit rite along wit you a haters come on man people live like they live dont be stupid we should be left up your black people and show better things then things we disapprove of I mean damn why even waste time on this site i didnt knw anything about until a hating ass chick had it on her page YOU ARE SUCH A WASTE BOO BOO later I’ll never come back on and Im boycottn

    • i agree to a point i dont think their hating who the fuck would hate on FAT garbage these people are sick and stupid and apparently they like attention most fat sloppy people are shy and try to stay out of the lime light
      my girlfriend sent me this dumb ass web site with the nasty different people of all colours and sizes oh well

  24. pretty face i’d suck her toes or lick those healthy thighs while she ate that chicken. and if she really bout but most bigs are scared to sit on a persons face. i’d eat it while she was eating!!! full figured goddess holler at me !!!!!!!!

  25. Yall know yall wrong for this…She probably look better that yall mutha fuckers……i fuck her..lol

  26. this is obviously a drag queen putting on a comedy act we have a couple of these where I am at Jacksonville NC

  27. Dam look like her leg smilin @ meh! Fuckin fatass u kno kfc done went outta business

  28. Now she need to be SHOT THE FUCK up for that shit lmfaoooooo

  29. well let me first say that this is not woman this is a DRAG QUEEN and she is doing a comedy show and by the looks of it she is doing a famousskit from Ru Pauls drag mother “Lady Bunny” skit

  30. Woww to much KFC arlinaaa

  31. Isn’t this pic so damn old?

  32. Bigrick Says:

    Damn I was hungry.

  33. why would she do something like dat dats nasty

  34. Mi55_Juicie Says:

    She look like a Pekinese on steroids…if you look close enough you can see her lip curled up with that hand reachin for her food! Warning – looking at this optical illusion dress can cause seizures, you may fall over, vomit or decide that KFC is no longer appealing!

  35. oh my *
    ” /

  36. My husband “lips dropped, an froze “said I ain’t even going to laugh. But I did!!


  38. The last thang yo ass need is sum chicken…..then you had to get a bucket……but thats a snack for yo big ass!

  39. BerryIsBlack Says:

    I feel sorry for her legs

  40. Honeypop Says:


  41. Honeypop Says:

    Daaamn it look like she got that dress from bed bath and beyond…SMFH.!!!!!

  42. Girl now stop yo shit:-)

  43. This the funniest shit I have seen

  44. Shes a beautiful woman but why eat chicken in the middle of a meating?????

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    Episode #56 – Finger Lickin’… | You Know You Dead Azz Wrong

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