Episode #43 – Yean Real

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I had hazel colored contacts in 1992 (my momma scraped up enuff change to get ’em for me as a graduation gift. Momma I luv you).  I thought I was the shyt too. Yes.I.did!

Brittle thirsty blonde weave and grey contacts. Self hate is a disease.

Her contacts and her eyeshadow the same color. I see why black men go for “others”. Black women why we so tragic? I’m concerned.

Beautiful Disaster. Po thang prolly ain’t get nair hug as child. I’m not understanding her get-up and I refuse to address that wet spot tween her legs.

Episode #42 – Drop Down Low and Sweep Da Flo’ Widdit

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I hope they catch gangrene in they camel toe. *up-set*

Episode #41 – Philly

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You know what. I hate the U.S. Now every nig wanna be an Iraqi citizen with the overgrown beards. This what they doing in Philly.. No thank you!

why dude face tore up like he smell something foul? LOL!

Him would be cute if he wasn’t such a bamma with the shades and the braids. In ’08 you’d think people would let some shyt go.

I’d rather not…they look raggedy as hell!


Episode #40 – You Sent It!

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I have no words for this fuckery so i was hoping you did. ‘Ole girl on the right look a’ight minus the cheap discount shoes she bought at Bakers and the look on her face like her gridle bout to give out. But that other chick? Let’s just say she takes arts and crafts to a whole other level. Did she seriously sit at home and cut up those stockings while thinking ‘Ima be the sh*t at the club to night, girl!’ And how many booths at the mall did she have to raid until she found all the right shades of yellow? This is why God is flooding St. Louis right now, to get rid of river rats like these…….




N2vick…yean mad are you? LOL! Geezuz! Umm is that chick rocking a House of DereNO dress? Fancy..fancy…

*blank stare*

Episode #39 – Prison Song

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Lord, help us all!

Look how dude cheesin though. He just happy to get some outside distraction. Po thang. Protecting his azzhole all day gotta be stressful as hell. But wait..he is NOT in state issued orange g’d up with the diamond encrusted watch. ..and my watch sick ala Weezy F Baby.. mahfugga I’m ill! LMBAO! I am so not ready for these two..

Episode #38 – A Buncha Mayhem & Foolishness

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Ok ladies….just because you may be a size 2, does NOT mean it’s ok to parade around the club like this. I hates a classless simple bytch. She DOES NOT look comfortable…make me sick…

I swear if I see one more outstretched, oversized, overexposed gut I’m gone holla! This how New Yawk carrying it..uh huh… half shirt and low ride stretch jeans…askew lacefront… jackie O glasses…I’m tired just looking at her cuz she is tired, tired, tired!

Ok so the camera man was like “lemme take yo picture ma”..and her first thought was to pull down her shirt and squeeze her tiddays together. How is that even logical???

Do not adjust your screen or ya eyes. Yep this bytch at the club with drawls and fingerpaint! I denounce the entire black community. That’s it..I’m done!

Episode #37 – You’s a Lie!!!

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…and the truth ain’t in you!

Her dayum shirt says and I quote “The Bitch Your Man Is/Was Calling”…um ok. She making this shyt too easy for real. I’mma need her to go invest in some drysol for them wet pits and go find a more appropriate tshirt..maybe something along the lines of “I’m Due Soon.”

Who calling you and why? Bytch go sit down.