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Episode #48 – Hell Is Upon Us

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As I was cruising the net lookin for H.A.Ms I ran across this deliciousness!! *screamin* WOW! Do I talk about the full length rabbit fur bunched up so you can see the thong that’s clearly on inside out? Or them ashy azz heels? Or do we debate whether this a  man or a woman? It’s too much. Fridays are usually my days of rest but this shyt right here got my spirit in an uproar. I am uneasy.

Episode #44 – If The Price Is Right

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I’m betting $5 she letting it go fa free..

Ok so WP actin an azz and I can’t upload these here go the links!



Episode #32 – We Need You Now, Lord!

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When I first ran cross this, I said “Self, is she kidding me?”…then I said “WTF is it?” and then I just shrugged. I seriously give up..there is no helping these hoes!

The buttafly tat with eyes…. Tan-somebody tatted on her cheese… the jailhouse tat cross her arm…the dress she had no business buying.. I mean COME ON!!!! I see it, you see it but she doesn’t?? Her dayum gut is upsettin me…. no lie!

Ok answer me men really not give a fug what yo body look like long as you openin yo legs? I need answers cuz this shyt done fugged up my entire day.

Episode #30 – Why?

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This makes me so sad. Can I assume they husband and the club..together…pregnant? If she not pregnant I’mma be more mad!!! And I’m not discussing that forest she got going on under her arms. Shave yo pits ladies! *disgusted*

She posing like “Yea..dis me…”

Get the fuk outta here yo!

Episode #17 – I Quit …Seriously!

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I know I said send me pics but this shyt I received from S.Dot almost made me upchuck my dayum dinner.

This bytch tiddays and nipples tucked in her belt! They are the entire length of her muhfug torso!! Somebody get me a crash cart cuz them shyts need resurrecting in Jesus’ name.  Clearrrrrr!!!

**sidenote** nevermind the money pinned to her dayum shirt…she know she cleaned out her bank account at the atm getting all them fresh 20s…she not fooling me **end sidenote**

I see how Texas do.

*blank effin stare*

Episode #13 – Heaven I Need a Hug & a Baby Wipe

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Wesley Snipes doing everything he can to get outta paying that dayum child support. Where there’s a will there’s a way… please feast your eyes on the heat he giving you in the next pic….

See. The girl on the left look like she got bust in the head with a bag fulla quarters. Bless her heart she trying her best to smile through the pain.

Please look at that awful azz wig. She all forehead and eyebrows. How yo bangs start and stop behind yo ears? I hates a backwards bytch.

What in the azz was she doing to wet up her entire right side? You know you partying when yo deodorant be like “fuk it, I give up”…

Even if he had the last dick standing… I’d be one mad, backed up bytch… I’m just telling you what’s real…

Episode #5 – Boy, You Sucha Thug Edition

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In every got dayum pic, a buncha nigs either pointing at the camera or doing something retarded with their hands…

Why dudes wear shades in the club? Look at the one on the right, he has no idea what to do with his lil hands…he’s like.. lemme wait…what crew am I repping?….nah I’ll just point..po thang all to pieces.

*WE INTERRUPT THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM…* Look at Fat-Fat in the background looking all delicious in her Erica Kane glasses..I see you!

Look at sexiness personified! WIPE.HIM.DOWN! Any albino man willing to wear pastels is a winner in my book! He keeping it real gangsta though with the ill-fitted cap, cz encrusted star earring, and mother of pearl cufflinks.

He standing next to another dude and he holding his dick and his chain. I see why women go gay.

I honestly don’t even know what to say. This is what’s at the club??? A bunch of bamma azz’s signing “peace” and a sideways “OK” all night. I refuse.

I wonda what they repping? I blame the R.O.C for this shyt cuz why else would they think to do this? Homie in the pink need a bra, you can’t have yo tiddays out all whicha way..I’m just sayin…

3 fists and I love you. Typical angry black man.

Episode #3 – Holiday Edition

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I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th..blah blah blah…now on to business…

Ladies, ladies, ladies… *shakin my dayum head* When are we gonna learn? We have so many options.. bick, nair, soap-water-razor blade, wax, laser, queen helen’s something or nother..etc, etc.. come on people!This is why I say I’m glad I ain’t black.

So wrong on so many levels. When you look like a sack of mashed potatoes from the front AND the side, I’mma need you to NOT pose. And when yo knees pointin in opposite directions and you standing up straight, please put on some pants. You scare me.

When yo tiddays two inches from yo waist, it’s not a good idea to wear a peep through shirt. I am so mad at you and ya tiddays look like them sand bags people in Iowa were using to stop the floods.

Goodness.. when yo legs together and they form a triangle from the knees down why you smiling? Your shape is hideous and I hate you.

Wow! Girl you got heart.. When your entire body look like you got plastic bubble wrap unda yo skin, I’mma need you to a) stop posing for pics b) stop posing for pics in bikinis c) stop posing for pics in bikinis that you know don’t fit and d) stop posing for pics in bikinis that you know don’t fit and go sit the fuk down somewhere…In that order please.

My work is never done.


Episode #2 – When Tats Turn Tragic

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So this bytch (on the left) decides she wants to cover her entire thigh in verse. Let’s take a closer look…

It says and I quote: God Gave [something or nother] The Most Precious Gift Of All Which Is What Lies Between These Thighs To Conceive [something or nother] Indulge [more nonsense].. the end. It probably took her an entire year to come up with that. Girl, you so poetic. I can’t breathe.

#1. You a man #2. Your tats are dumb ‘specially the F & J on ya chest #3. You got FEVER written on your shoulder because? #4. that tat on ya leg shows the dyke in you. I’m sorry but I can’t.

As much as I wanna talk about her outfit [or lack thereof] I will remain true to this post. She looks rather dumb (read: trashy, no class) with them paw prints scattered on her pancake tiddays. I blame pitbull in a skirt E.V.E. for this tragedy.

*sigh* I will once again skip over the trainwreck of an outfit and go straight for the tats. Shouldn’t they tell a story if they all bunched up together? And I hate to see women with them jailhouse looking shyts on their arms.

Speaking of the epitome of a tatted disaster. Poor Jackie O tries to remain relevant in the rap game but fails miserably. I can’t even remember what song she even sang/rapped/whateva. *sigh* The tats, the fake contacts, the penciled on eyebrows…. I cry [and I bet she does too].

Episode #1

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can we say.. JUNKIE alert..ya better hide ya purses

She smilin with her eyes. I blame Tyra.. What a fukin clown…her bra got wondrous working powers though… them shyts are lifted!

if this all I’mma see at the club (Junebug and Ray Ray) then I’d much rather stay home and scrap my feet. It’s summatime ladies..keep it sexy!

So this was at a “Black & White Elegant Affair”.. So I guess she figured she’d be a classic beauty and put her hair back in a chignon (the word cracks me up) and silver mardi gras beads. I refuse to say anything bad about her. Jesus.. the wheel..please.

Her tiddays out and his colla popped.. I grieve…

what the hell? why she got that ribbon tied up at her neck? and that flowa? I try to understand.. I really do..

When a fashion trends goes drastically WRONG..why yall think she tried to put that brown SUEDE saudi arabi tied scarf on with that dress? I blame hip hop *crackin up*

when you’re blessed enough to surpass the six month mark in ya pregnancy, boo I’mma need you to stay out the club. You should be home resting yo feet.