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Episode #11 – What Must I Do To Be Saved

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , on July 24, 2008 by durtymo

Now see, God don’t like ugly!!! I’ve broken out in the most horrible heat rash ever (on my forehead no less) *sigh* and I’m vain so this has definitely not been a good look for me. So I promised Jesus of Nazareth that I’d stop talking bout people so much if he’d heal my afflicted skin – I still got it so…..

She straight off the boat [I’m wrong for that LOL] and looking a hot azz mess! Them colors and pattern making my head hurt!

Why do people try so hard to be different? [I wish I had more to say but that serial killer’s swagger has me mesmorized. Da fuk is going on with the skin round bout his eyes?]

This is why we can’t progress as a people! I bet she aint learnt *LOL* shat from watching Being Black In America. I’m sure she ain’t feeling the economy squeeze, selling azz is the best thang going these days! Get’cho weight up ladies! I need to have a little talk with Jesus and tell Him all about our troubles….

You know she had a good azz time at the club.  This pic is priceless!!!

Men = 2, Women = 0. I call ’em like I see ’em.

The bible says in Revelations that we’re in our last days when you can’t distinguish men from women. I’m stocking up on water, toilet paper and batteries.