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Episode #1

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , on June 27, 2008 by durtymo

can we say.. JUNKIE alert..ya better hide ya purses

She smilin with her eyes. I blame Tyra.. What a fukin clown…her bra got wondrous working powers though… them shyts are lifted!

if this all I’mma see at the club (Junebug and Ray Ray) then I’d much rather stay home and scrap my feet. It’s summatime ladies..keep it sexy!

So this was at a “Black & White Elegant Affair”.. So I guess she figured she’d be a classic beauty and put her hair back in a chignon (the word cracks me up) and silver mardi gras beads. I refuse to say anything bad about her. Jesus.. the wheel..please.

Her tiddays out and his colla popped.. I grieve…

what the hell? why she got that ribbon tied up at her neck? and that flowa? I try to understand.. I really do..

When a fashion trends goes drastically WRONG..why yall think she tried to put that brown SUEDE saudi arabi tied scarf on with that dress? I blame hip hop *crackin up*

when you’re blessed enough to surpass the six month mark in ya pregnancy, boo I’mma need you to stay out the club. You should be home resting yo feet.