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Episode #10 – Help Me Help You

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , , on July 22, 2008 by durtymo

Horizontal stripes and spandex. *SMH* She done broke the cardinal rule of fashion.  I understand everybody can’t afford Lane.Bryant & Ashley.Stewart [we are in a recession] but shopping at Rainbow and It’s Fashion is unacceptable especially if you over 23 and pushing 220.  I applaud her self esteem but her lack of sense is killing me.

Is it safe to say she want y’all to see her tiddays? I will never understand this phenomenon [since I don’t have tiddays per say. i ain’t hating I’m just sayin]. If you got biggies why is your first thought to a) buy a shirt that does not fit b) wear said shirt bust down the middle and c) wear a barely there bra just so you can be the main attraction at the club? Can somebody please help me with this? I need answers. Becky’s in the building with her short lace dress giving you nothing but fire with the shoulder cut-outs. There is always one. We can’t have shyt.

*too easy* You are not hip hop sir. You are a coronary waiting to happen. I only speak the truth.

Oooowwweeeee! Look at all the deliciousness situated on the right! I’m trying to take it all in! From the two tone lace front wig, lace overlay hot pink vest/shirt two sizes too small, exposed gut and sexy black bra! My head hurts from all this goodness.

She looking at the cam like “I know… I know” LOL. So wrong on so many levels. It ain’t stop her from posing though. Pray her strength in the lawd y’all.