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Episode #31 – Chi Town

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I’ve picked on the TX long enough..

I.SEE.YOU.CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CTFU!!!

Well! I’m wondering why she thought this was a good look. From that shirt bust down the middle to them ill-fitting pants…UGH UGH UGH! I bet she thought she was hot though..

Yooooooooo! Her dress does NOT say COO.GI does it with the shoulder out. I’m so mad at her. Whenever you shaped like a “S” from the side, please invest in a body gurdle. And afta alla that this bytch decide she not gone wear a bra.. *so done*. Seriously I don’t understand at all.

Umm??? If yo tiddays don’t make 2 perfect U’s then why you in public with no bra? Why her purse and glasses match her shirt? I see how Chi Town do!!! Y’all country as fuk. I’m just sayin..

Episode #25 – America, She’s Got Talent

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Oh boy! I have come to the realization that there will always be video hoes and hoes in general. *SMH* I’m really tryna find something nice to say since summa y’all done said¬† “Durt, you don’t have room to talk ’bout folks”… as if… get a life cuz as long as there is shyt like this floating round… I got plenty to say.¬† I am so embarrassed for her cuz all she gonna ever be to this dude is “the chick I bust a nut on in public”…I refuse.

I see dude got his phone out ready to record all the action…

Is she serious?

There he go again with that dayum phone…

Episode #22 – Ground Zero

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I…see…the……you. Own trust nothing outta New Yawk *sidenote* my ex husband taught me that and I’m grateful *smh*. I have no problem giving credit where credit is due but I swear he was backwards and retarded as all hell… I digress…*end sidenote*

I’mma need somebody to help me understand what’s really goin’ on cuz I’m kinda confused bout the hair and gender..I’m just saying..