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Episode #28 – The Devil Stays Busy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on August 4, 2008 by durtymo

I’m fitna retire from this shyt. It’s exhausting.

WTF is this? That thang on the right is too much for me! Look at her lil purse and glasses. Work. It.

Umm? I sure hope she at a photo shoot for some glamorous magazine cuz if she did all this just for the club..I’mma need her to stop it. Look at her lil crystal bangles. Look where she from… *CTFU* told y’all how TX do…

Why did I just bust out laffin at this!!! Woooweee is her hair in a reverse mushroom?

Awww shux! Look at Fat-Fat! Them po’ flats gone need mouth to mouth and a I.V. by the end of the night! I will NOT discuss the rest of her outfit nor will I address her “friends” cuz they all need their azzes beat.


This comment just made my dayum day!

*MARY MURPHY SCREAM* wait a minute now.. Skinny Raspusha up top in the purple glasses stole that gold purse from the whore in the ”America, She’s got talent” Post..

tell me that stick figure in the yellow dress dont look like Eve in the face..

the 4th pic has upset my day..Cuz why didnt her friends call 911? her uterus is gettin ready to fall thru them cotton shorts and they just smilin at the camera like its normal for someones birth pouch to collapse in their pants – TEANBEAN