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Episode #40 – You Sent It!

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , on August 7, 2008 by durtymo


I have no words for this fuckery so i was hoping you did. ‘Ole girl on the right look a’ight minus the cheap discount shoes she bought at Bakers and the look on her face like her gridle bout to give out. But that other chick? Let’s just say she takes arts and crafts to a whole other level. Did she seriously sit at home and cut up those stockings while thinking ‘Ima be the sh*t at the club to night, girl!’ And how many booths at the mall did she have to raid until she found all the right shades of yellow? This is why God is flooding St. Louis right now, to get rid of river rats like these…….




N2vick…yean mad are you? LOL! Geezuz! Umm is that chick rocking a House of DereNO dress? Fancy..fancy…

*blank stare*

Episode #34 – Greek Life

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , on August 6, 2008 by durtymo

I went to college *clap clap* got a degree too hmpf. I almost got caught up in them dayum greeks [but trust I was not looking at no dayum ze.tas]. Thank gawd I didn’t. Here’s your opportunity to CAPTION THIS!! Please make me proud…


So Ursula from Little Mermaid was a Zeta? Heeeey! – NIX

Hey Satan, come sign your work! -R

Her big ass looks like she ate a Greek.. – TeanBean

Twerk-a-nip man has just smoked a rock, he’ll be alright. – Mobilemoll

lmbao! Y’all are simple as hell! Wooo!

Episode #29 – It Takes A Village Plus Some…

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I personally have nothing against the gays, to be honest I love them (cuz they are sassy as hell) but sometimes they take shyt way too far.

It takes way more than a village to rectify this! I can’t.

That bowlegged stance is killin me! Then the tank top, black pearls and matching bracelet and to top it off he staring at the cam like “What?” as if this shyt is normal. We gotta pray fa the kids cuz they lost as hell!

[thanks snowbunny!] Wow!! How you have colorful hair, a goatee and a push up bra (if you click on the pic you see the outline of his white bra *sigh*)? I am so confused and obviously he is too. He got a lil Co.ach bag…I’m done for today y’all! Seriously!

Episode #26 – Forever Shanaynay

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , on August 4, 2008 by durtymo

WOW! [thanks mahogany876 for this] She looks JUST LIKE SHANAYNAY!!! I don’t even know where to start… the vest (with nothing underneath), the tats, the braids (I’m doing mine like that this, the naked face… *speechless*

Episode #1

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , on June 27, 2008 by durtymo

can we say.. JUNKIE alert..ya better hide ya purses

She smilin with her eyes. I blame Tyra.. What a fukin clown…her bra got wondrous working powers though… them shyts are lifted!

if this all I’mma see at the club (Junebug and Ray Ray) then I’d much rather stay home and scrap my feet. It’s summatime ladies..keep it sexy!

So this was at a “Black & White Elegant Affair”.. So I guess she figured she’d be a classic beauty and put her hair back in a chignon (the word cracks me up) and silver mardi gras beads. I refuse to say anything bad about her. Jesus.. the wheel..please.

Her tiddays out and his colla popped.. I grieve…

what the hell? why she got that ribbon tied up at her neck? and that flowa? I try to understand.. I really do..

When a fashion trends goes drastically WRONG..why yall think she tried to put that brown SUEDE saudi arabi tied scarf on with that dress? I blame hip hop *crackin up*

when you’re blessed enough to surpass the six month mark in ya pregnancy, boo I’mma need you to stay out the club. You should be home resting yo feet.