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Episode #29 – It Takes A Village Plus Some…

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags , , , on August 5, 2008 by durtymo

I personally have nothing against the gays, to be honest I love them (cuz they are sassy as hell) but sometimes they take shyt way too far.

It takes way more than a village to rectify this! I can’t.

That bowlegged stance is killin me! Then the tank top, black pearls and matching bracelet and to top it off he staring at the cam like “What?” as if this shyt is normal. We gotta pray fa the kids cuz they lost as hell!

[thanks snowbunny!] Wow!! How you have colorful hair, a goatee and a push up bra (if you click on the pic you see the outline of his white bra *sigh*)? I am so confused and obviously he is too. He got a lil Co.ach bag…I’m done for today y’all! Seriously!