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Episode #7 – Show Me Your Azz Edition

Posted in Hot Azz Mess with tags on July 17, 2008 by durtymo

I’ve talked about men in the club throwing up signs and crap. Now it’s time for me to address the retardness of women whenever a camera is near. In every got dayum pic, a bytch got her azz twisted up in the air. I’m tired and own even feel like it today… I am always on the grind.

She doing all that contorting and shyt. You ain’t got no ass. Please sit down. I say concentrate on getting them edges to grow…I’m sure that will be more successful.

She would’ve done better posing regula cuz all I see is horse and fluid. Fluid under yo skin will kill you.  Sometimes you should just know better. I’m just saying…

Her nose spread like she pregnant and if you all head (her face big as hell) and no neck I’mma need you to not stand with ya hand on ya hips like you constantly shrugging.

Now why couldn’t they have turned the opposite way? Woo I hate women. Seriously. I.Hate.You… But look at the one in the yellow…she swear she giving off flames. Her back/shoulders look right squishy like she got thyroid.

[scratch n sniff]. All i see is Summer’s Eve vinegar and water. *p-u* And these prolly the two main chicks in the club talking shyt when men ask “how much?” You get what you give dumb bitches. I do not have time.